Revision Notes For Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 5 Emerging Modes Of Business

Emerging modes of business is a chapter that is crafted to explain the students regarding the different types of business. This chapter 5 covers different concepts – A brief introduction to the topic, e- business, scope of e- business – B2B commerce, B2C commerce, Intra -B commerce, C2C commerce, eBay feedback, benefits of e- business – convenience, speed, global reach / access, movement towards a paperless society, demerits of e- business – low personal touch, need for technology capability and competence of parties to e- business, increased risk due to anonymity and non- traceability of the parties. These are a few important pointers that the students can revise. For more revision notes, students can refer to the revision notes provided for the Chapter 5 – Emerging Modes Of Business.

Students can refer to :

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