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Revision Notes For Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 12 Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection is a chapter that is designed to create a sense of awareness among the students regarding the fraudulent activities that consumers might come across. This chapter comprises of a vast concepts – meaning of consumer and consumer protection, who can file a complaint? – a consumer, any registered consumer association, the central government or any of the state government, 3 tier judicial machinery to provide protection to the consumers, consumer rights and responsibilities, ways and means of consumer protections, relief available, rule of consumer organisation, rule of press, rule of universities and press.

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Notes Chapter 12: Consumer Protection

What is consumer protection?

Consumer protection means safeguarding the interest and rights of consumers. In other words, it refers to the measures adopted for the protection of consumers from unscrupulous and unethical malpractices.

What are some of rules which should be followed by the Press?

1. Develop a strong story. 2. Write a strong first paragraph.3. Write an attention-grabbing headline.4. Do your research—include facts and figures. 5. Include strong and memorable quotes.

What is ‘Consumer organisation’?

A consumer organisation/association is a membership-based non-governmental non-profit body created to promote the interests of consumers of goods and services.

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