CBSE Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 Food Security In India Important Questions

Food security means availability, accessibility and affordability of food to all people at all times. Students can explore in detail about the Food Security In India from Chapter 4 of CBSE Class 9 Economics. Meanwhile, CBSE Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 Food Security In India Important Questions is the best source for students to understand the concepts proficiently. They can solve these for practice while preparing for the exams. Students can also revise the topics more thoroughly by solving these important questions.

We have given the PDF link below to download the CBSE Class 9 Social Science Important Questions from Chapter 4 of Economics. So, students can refer to these and start studying for the exam.

Download CBSE Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 Food Security In India Important Questions PDF

Food Security In India

1. What is food security? Why is food security needed?

2. How is food security affected during a calamity?

3. Do you know who was affected the most by the famine?

4. Which are the factors on which food security depends on? Mention two.

5. Write the full form of NHFS.

6. Who are the people more prone to food insecurity?

7. Write a short note on the Green Revolution.

8. Define the term Public Distribution System. Mention any two benefits of the system.

9. Explain what is buffer stock.

10. What are the three kinds of ration cards?

11. State the reason why the Food Corporation of India purchases food grains from the farmers.

12. Write a note on the National Food Security Act, 2013.

13. Differentiate between seasonal hunger and chronic hunger. Which are the factors that cause seasonal hunger? Mention any two.

14. Describe the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY).

15. What are the roles of cooperatives with regards to food security in India?

16. Agriculture is considered as a seasonal activity. Why?

17. What is a subsidy?

18. How is food security ensured in India? Which states are more food insecure in India?

19. What happens to the supply of food when there is a disaster or a calamity?

20. What has our government done to provide food security to the poor? Discuss any two schemes launched by the government.

21. What are the problems of the functioning of ration shops?

22. Write a note on fair price shops.

23. Mention the revolution that was brought about by Amul.



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