CBSE Class 12 Results 2017- Students Complain About Reverified Marks

CBSE Class 12 results 2017 has left the students to complain about the marks they had obtained. Most students have raised suspicion over the credibility of the evaluation process conducted by one of the countries renowned educational bodies.

Students across the country had complained about less marks where after the evaluation, the marks which were earlier in single digits has doubles almost nearing up to 50 marks.  For the CBSE zone of Bhubaneshwar, the class 12 pass percentages have touched a low like never before this year. The Orissa High Court has ordered the board to verify the marks again in this regard.

The board had earlier declared the results after complying with the Delhi High Court order to follow the marks moderation policy.

The CBSE follows the re-verification policy instead of the earlier policy revaluation. The students have the option to report the unmarked answers to their respective CBSE regional offices within seven days of receipt of the answer book photocopy.

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