Class 12 Term 2 Psychology paper scheduled for June 15th, 2022

According to the schedule issued by the Central Board of Secondary, the psychology exam is going to be conducted on 15 June 2022. The exam is going to be of 40 marks and 10 marks will be for internal assessment which will conclude the 50 marks term.

The 2 hours examination will be the last exam of this year’s CBSE class 12 batch. Both term 1 and term 2 consists of 50% syllabus each. Students have already been assessed on the basis of 50% of the syllabus and the rest will be assessed in term 2. The cumulative scoring of both the terms will be the result of this year’s board exams.

Due to covid-19 students were not able to go to school, therefore to ease the burden on their shoulders the board decided to reduce the syllabus for the students.

Reduced syllabus for class 12 Psychology


Deleted parts

Therapeutic Approaches

Psychodynamic Therapy – Pages 94 to 96

Biomedical Therapy – Pages 101 to 102

Attitude and Social Cognition

Social Cognition – Page 119-125

Social Influence and Group Influences

Conformity, compliance, obedience – pages 138 – 144

Cooperation& Competition – pages 144 to 146 Social Identity – Page 146, 147

Intergroup Conflict – Nature & Causes – pages 147, 148

Conflict Resolution Strategies – Pages 148, 149

Psychology and Life

Entire Chapter

Developing Psychological Skills

Entire Chapter

Checkout the important guidelines for June 15th Class 12 term 2 Psychology Exam

Exam Preparation Tips

  1. Read all the topics thoroughly before learning in order to understand the concepts
  2. Make flow charts, to make the learning process more practical
  3. Practice the diagrams
  4. Think of real world examples to make the learning more relatable
  5. Practice sample paper questions to get a stand on important topics
  6. Understand the exam pattern and marking scheme

Tips on Attempting Exams

There will be 12 questions on the question paper, which will be divided into 4 sections, A, B, C and D.

  • Section A will consist of 3 questions carrying 2 marks each. Answers to these questions should not exceed 40 words.
  • Section B will have 3 questions of 3 marks each. Answers to these questions should not exceed 80 words.
  • Section C will consist of 4 questions, of 4 marks each. Answers to these questions should not exceed 120 words.
  • Section D will have one case study.
  1. Read all the questions properly and then make pointers for each question accordingly.
  2. Spend at least 5 minutes thoroughly reading all the questions.
  3. Highlight all the important points/ words used in the answers.

Instructions for the Exam day

  1. Read all the instructions which are written on the question paper carefully.
  2. Mention all your details, like roll number etc on the space provided.
  3. Tie all the sheets in a proper order and re check the numbering of the question before submitting the answer sheet to the invigilator.
  4. Reach the exam venue on time to avoid any kind of disturbance. 
  5. Take care of Covid-19 as well as exam guidelines. 
  6. Do not bring banned items like, digital watch, chits etc, in the exam hall.
  7. Do not forget to take a printed copy of your ID card.


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