CBSE started Student Performance based on Attendance & Discipline

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board exams would be compulsory from next year onwards. The schemes I and II would be discontinued for the students who would appear for the class X board exams. As per the latest notification, the nine point grading system would be akin to the ones followed in class XII board exams.  The internal assessment of 20 marks would be there and the subject marks would be 80 marks per subject. The formative assessments (four) would be replaced by each subject having written periodic tests (three). During the final submission, the best two tests average held in the year would be taken into account. The internal assessment would be done on the basis of student’s subject enrichment activities and notebook submission. Also there would be assessment on the basis of values, sincerity, attendance, behavior, art and health and physical education, work education for internal assessment.  The sixth subject optional will be available with two papers of language being mandatory. Students would be able to choose a third language

There will be two mandatory language papers and an optional sixth subject. Students will also be allowed to pick a third language. Earlier the board had recommended a formula of three languages where English, Hindi and a Indian modern language would be provided.  The three language pattern would be extended till Class X mandatorily.

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