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CBSE School Fee Structure Split Into Basic and Premium


The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) may bring in changes in the fee structure of the educational institutions. The school fee amount can be segregated into basic and premium components.

According to the sources, the first component that is basic amount would be applicable for all the students, and the premium component would be applied to all those opting for extra-curricular facilities. A CBSE panel initiated to set up the basic rules for granting affiliation to all the CBSE schools and is expected to make this recommendation soon.

After accepting the change by the CBSE governing body, the rule would apply to all the upcoming schools as well as for the existing 18000 ones. This new set of rules (two-tier fee structure) will help all those who can’t afford the expensive fees can now be able to opt for the basic component. The basic component covers the tuition charges and basic necessities.

Extra facilities such as swimming and horse riding would be made optional for all those interested students and charged separately as the premium component fee. The reason behind separating the academic and extra-curricular  structure of the school is that everybody would not be charged for every facility.

The CBSE board has been receiving several complaints about exorbitant fees charged by schools. In a recent survey, over 80% of the respondents demanded changes in high school fees.

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