How to Guide Class 10 Students on Choosing the Right Career the CBSE Way

CBSE Students

For students of Class 10, finding the right stream is one of the major challenges they have to overcome to build a successful professional life and owing to the high priority this decision has on their lives, students would naturally be under tremendous pressure. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken the decision to provide counselling for students at the secondary school level to guide them on which stream or subjects they could follow. There are various ways in which students could decide the career path they should choose, some of which are given below.

Being aware of self: This could be stated as the first stage in the quest for the right career, which would include knowing your passions, talents and skills at the least. Students should do a strength-weakness analysis in the best possible manner while choosing the proper stream.

Consult with the tutors and mentors: To help students from making illogical decisions, it is advisable that they could take guidance from their mentors and tutors who have expertise in various domains. There have been instances where students could not follow their area of interest and gave in to their parents’ or peer influence. It is hence very important for students to have a healthy discussion with their parents about the importance of following one‘s passion to excel in any field of activity.

Take help from a career counsellor: The best part regarding taking advice from a career counsellor is the fact they run different tests for the students designed scientifically and devised to help students to find the right stream after class 10. Also, students could take part in educational fairs, career guidance and seminars and so on to get an idea about the available career choices for them, which would help them to pick the one that suits their interests.

Make decisions and take action: This could be termed the last stage for choosing a stream. While deciding the career, students would receive inputs from different people, viz. from tutors to fellow students but in the end, the decision has to be taken by the students themselves. Simply put, there is no bad or good career choice and there is plenty of opening in different fields. Hence students should choose and do their best.

Coming back to the CBSE’s career counselling, the counsellors would themselves sit with the students, who would guide them on the career preferences available and the opportunities available for every stream. The decision in this regard was made after a combined meeting of all the stakeholders, including officials from CBSE, and the Union Ministry of HRD, approved the plan.

Once students have finished their Class 10, they have to choose between different streams like Commerce, Arts and Science for higher-level studies. It would not be viable for students to change their stream after Class 11, even though there is an initial window of six months granted to the student.

Owing to the pressure from family or peers, students were not able to choose their stream on their own and the board had earlier received a lot of feedback from teachers. Hence the board decided to go forward with providing counselling to the students.


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