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500+ Words Essay on City Life

City life is very busy, fast-moving and restless. All the necessary things are easily available in the city. Life is full of luxuries, and everything is within reach. The city has many things to offer, such as better job opportunities, higher living standards, medical facilities, clubs, shopping malls, stores, restaurants, etc. It has theatres, amusement parks, cricket stadiums etc., for entertainment. People from rural areas are shifting to the cities for a better quality of life. This essay on city life will throw light on the positive and negative aspects of city life. Students must go through it and try to write their own essays. For more practice, they can go through the list of different essay topics, which will help in improving their writing section.

Positive Aspects of City Life

Life in a big city is a whirl of activities. Very often, people from the countryside move to the cities in order to find decent jobs. It offers good educational facilities for children by providing the best schools, colleges and institutions. Cities have always been the hub of innovation, the home of creative thought, art forms, political ideas and many more things. People of the city do not waste their time as they keep doing something to gain growth and success in their life. Cities are well connected with road, railway and flight networks. So, it becomes easy for individuals to connect with other people and grow their businesses as compared to rural areas. Cities have become a potent force for addressing economic growth, development and prosperity.

Negative Aspects of City Life

Cities are very crowded places. The cost of living in the city is high. The houses are small and inadequate due to space limitations. Bad housing conditions can cause various health issues. The environment of the city is very polluted due to the air, water, land and noise pollution. This causes bad health and can infect people with various diseases.

Some of the cities are very dirty due to the lack of a proper disposal system. Also, drainage problems are often found in the city. People do not get fresh air to breathe and natural places where they can rejuvenate themselves. People in the city are often busy, so they do not socially interact with others. They limit themselves to their houses and families. Sometimes, they don’t even know about their neighbours and surroundings.


The impact of the city on a person’s life is both negative and positive. From the bad quality of air to noise pollution and restless life, it has affected peace of mind. But cities are also stimulating as centres of industry, art, science and political power. They are the focus of progress. By reducing the aggressive impact of the city on people, the essential positive aspects of city life can be greatly intensified.

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