Conservation of Forest Essay

500+ Words Conservation of Forest Essay

Forest conservation is the practice of planting and maintaining forested areas for the future. Forests play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance and bringing the monsoon. They are essential for the survival of life on Earth as they provide oxygen, which is essential for all living organisms to survive. Apart from these, they provide a wide range of resources we use in our everyday lives. But, human activities are destroying forests to fulfil their greed. Thus, there is a need for forest conservation. Efforts should be made to stop this destruction from causing serious environmental problems. With the help of the conservation of forest essay, students will know various methods of forest conservation to reduce environmental damage. Students must practise CBSE Essays on different topics to gain command over the writing section. This will also help them to score high marks on English papers.


A forest is a complex ecosystem mainly composed of trees, shrubs and herbs. They are home to different plants, birds, insects, mammals, reptiles etc. A large variety of life forms exists in the forests. Even microorganisms and fungi are found in forests, which are important for decomposing dead organic matter and thus enriching the soil. Nearly 30 per cent of the total land area is covered with forest, which accounts for 4 billion hectares of forest on the earth’s surface.

Importance of Conserving the Forests

Forests provide various natural services and products. Many forest products are used in our day-to-today lives. Forests store carbon and act as carbon sinks. They produce oxygen, which is important for the existence of life on earth. That’s why forests are also called the earth’s lungs. They help in regulating the hydrological cycle, purify water, absorb toxic gases and noise, provide wildlife habitat, maintain planetary climate, reduce global warming, conserve soil, reduce pollution, and mitigate natural hazards such as landslides, floods and so on. Thus, forests play an important role in maintaining ecological balance and also contribute to the economy.

Forest Conservation Initiatives

The loss of our forest can be stopped by putting efforts from the citizens, forest conservation organisations, and governments. Various laws, like the Forest Conservation Act, have been prepared and are being implemented by the government of India. The Forest Conservation Act of 1980 was enacted to control deforestation. In 1988, this act was amended to facilitate stricter conservation measures. The government also implements many schemes for the conservation of forests and their sustainable management. The Joint Forest Management (JFM) programme is a good example of involving local communities in managing and restoring degraded forests.

People’s participation in the conservation of the forest is of vital importance. The perfect example of people’s contribution towards forest conservation is the Chipko movement in the Himalayas. The movement was successful due to the efforts of the local residents to save the forest of Tehri Garhwal. The women cling or hug the trees tightly and dare men to cut them. Thus, the movement gained a lot of popularity and became famous around the world. The cutting down of trees in forest areas must be stopped at all costs. At all functions, festivals and celebrations, we must build a habit of planting trees.

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