Essay on Brain Drain

Brain drain refers to the movement of highly skilled and educated people from one country to another, where they can work in better conditions and earn more money. People migrate due to the lack of opportunities in their home country. The brain drain reduces economic growth through the depletion of a source country’s human capital assets and, additionally, through loss of return on investment in education. It’s a serious problem that most developing countries like India are facing today. The essay on brain drain will help students to understand the reason behind brain drain and how this problem can be solved. Students can also check out the list of CBSE Essays to practise more essays on different topics and boost their essay writing skills.

500+ Words Essay on Brain Drain

The term “brain drain” refers to the international transfer of human capital resources, and it applies mainly to the migration of highly educated individuals from developing to developed countries. The term is generally used in a narrower sense. It relates more specifically to the migration of engineers, physicians, scientists, and other highly skilled professionals with university training, to developed countries. The brain drain is a serious constraint on the development of poor countries.

Reasons for Brain Drain in India

The major reason behind the brain drain is the lack of career opportunities, investment and lower salaries in home countries. The highly skilled people do not get proper exposure where they can showcase their skills. They don’t get the opportunity to grow higher. This happens because, in many private and government organisations, the managers sitting in higher positions give preference to their relatives and known people. Many times, the hiring team does not use the correct assessment process to recruit people. Moreover, the reservation and reserved quota in government jobs are the major reasons why youth lose interest in appearing in various competitive or government exams.

Brain drain also occurs when an employee loses interest in work. If he continues to do the same task for 5 to 6 years, he becomes saturated with work. He wants some new role and responsibility that excite him and challenges him to do the work. The change in work also sharpens their skills and significantly increases their income. The work culture and environment also play a major role in brain drain. If the work culture is not flexible and reliable, then people start thinking of leaving the organisation and moving to another. Many times office politics, blame games, overwork, no appreciation, and no rewards also compel a person to look for a better opportunity where his skills will be appreciated.

India has skilled and semi-skilled, employed and unemployed human resources. Low salaries and inefficient working conditions trigger the movement of people to countries with better living standards and facilities. There is a huge difference in terms of salary in developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. Most of the students who go abroad for higher studies do not return to India. After seeing the affluent life of foreign countries, they lose all interest in their own country. They get placed in good companies and start living a high-profile life.

How to Stop Brain Drain?

Talent in emerging economies is scarce, expensive, and hard to retain. But, for the balance of power and for the development of the world, it is very important to stop the phenomena of brain drain. This will help a particular country to use all local skilled citizens for development and proliferation. But to hold these skilled workers at their native places, it is also important to provide them with enough work opportunities and living facilities. For this purpose, developed nations should help developing countries with the necessary money and resources. So that each and every human on this planet can have a good standard of living and each and every nation can introduce itself as a developed nation.

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