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Fashion is one of the most talked-about industries in today’s world. Fashion can be defined as anything that becomes admirable among the masses. It is a popular aesthetic expression. Fashion is related to clothing, hairstyle, makeup, accessories, footwear and lifestyle. People want to distinguish their personalities from others with their style quotient. Like every new year, fashion also comes and goes. The latest fashion will be more fashionable and colourful than last year.

New trends in fashion influence people of all ages. There is a tremendous amount of competition between the industry and consumers. Different cultures and nationalities have different styles of fashion. Due to this reason, it is always fascinating to travel to various parts of the world to observe how people dress in those countries. Now, clothes have become one of the main reasons to express themselves instead of merely covering their body.

Different people need different styles and designs for their uniqueness and personality before wearing that specific fashion design. This essay will talk more about fashion history, importance and trends.

History of Fashion

Fashion is all about the history of people. For thousands of years, people have loved fashionable clothing. Clothes, from the early days of Egypt, have become our expression. We can see fashion worn in various civilisations throughout history, documents, drawings, and other archaeological findings. Eastern neighbours influenced clothes of different styles worn by the Greeks. Both males and females used to wear thick woollen long dresses.

During ancient times, Egyptians used to wear light cotton clothing, and Egyptian women wore long, ready-made clothes. Later on, the Romans dominated the most significant example of fashion and style.

When people started migrating to Europe, accordingly, the style changed. To keep themselves warm, women used to wear warm clothes and men plain and armour clothes.

Since there were not enough raw materials to produce new clothes for people who migrated to America in that era, dresses were ordered and sent to the oceans by ships to cope with the demand. Suits with leggings were men’s attire, and women wore long clothes and hats on their heads. Over time, the form of the dresses transferred from voluminous dresses into soft, frequent, high-waisted skirts.

Women’s skirts were shorter and thinner at the beginning of the century. Trousers of men slowly went from ankle to knee-length. During the World Wars, women’s style transformed into shorter skirts below the knee.

The ‘80s brought significant trends related to fashion and hairstyles for both genders. The transitional fashion period is from the sixties and seventies. During this time, women wearing trousers became acceptable.

From the 20th century to the 21st century, fashion change continued, and still today, it is evolving.

Fashion Trend

When we talk about influencing fashion, political influencers play a vital role. There are a lot of instances where politicians become fashion symbols, like Princess Diana and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Political revolutions also left a significant impact on fashion trends.

Technology is another significant factor that influences fashion. The fashion industry saw rapid growth in technology such as 3D printing technology, wearable technology, etc. The Internet also affects fashion trends.

People are influenced by their favourite stars, influencers, etc. The strongest influencers in the field of fashion are social media influencers. Young stars try to emulate the fashion styles of their loved celebrities. For example, hoodies came into fashion due to rap musicians. Television and movie stars also influence fashion trends.


It’s entirely up to you to be fashionable; it shouldn’t be forceful, and it is your own decision what you want to follow. Our fashion sense also reflects our culture. It makes our life colourful and adds variety to life, providing an opportunity to try out something new. Though this time of the 21st century in India, most people are influenced by the style of fashion, they have not forgotten our traditions and culture, which are the priority and symbol of our country.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Fashion Essay


What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is trending now, and it refers to the rapid designing of outfits using inexpensive clothing.


What subjects are taught in Fashion Technology?

Fashion ornamentation, Fashion management and merchandising and Computer-aided designing are the main subjects taught in the course Fashion Technology.


When was the origin of fashion?

Fashion started when human beings started wearing clothes. But modern-day fashion is said to have its origins back in the year 1826.


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