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The generation gap means the difference between two generations. It often causes conflict between parents and kids. The term can also be explained as the difference of opinions and ideologies between two generations. The views can also be different in religious belief, attitude towards life and political views.

People from different generations differ from each other in various aspects of life. For example, people born before Independence are different from today’s generation. The thinking of both generations is poles apart in terms of the economic, cultural and social environment. Our world keeps changing, and the vast difference between the two generations is inevitable.

Our society keeps on changing at a constant pace, and because of it, people’s opinions, beliefs, ideologies, and behaviour also change with time. These changes bring positive changes to our society by breaking the stereotypes. However, it becomes a cause of conflict between two generations most of the time.

Generation Gap – Impact on Relationships

We should always welcome fresh and new ideas. Accepting new changes indicates that we are advancing and developing significantly. But, there will be a clash between the opinions and views of both generations. The result of this clash leads to distanced relations. If this clash gets too much, it will be a matter of worry.

We can see the generation gap, usually between parents and kids. Parents typically want to follow the traditions and norms and expect the same thing from their kids. But in the modern age, kids with broad thinking refuse to accept such traditions and customs. They want to live their life according to their ways. They fail to understand each other, which sometimes turns into clashes. It is considered one of the primary reasons for conflict between parents and kids.

Both parents and their kids fail to reach a solution that distances them from each other and creates misunderstandings. Parents should not impose their expectations on them to avoid such conflicts. Similarly, the kids should also try to understand their parents’ situation and where it is coming from.

Reasons for Generation Gap:

A generation gap does not mean an age difference. It means the overall difference in their views and opinions, way of talking, style of living, etc. Even there is a vast difference of belief towards cultures and traditions of old and new generations. The primary reasons behind this generation gap are the communication gap, advanced technology, the old mentality, and today’s nuclear family concept. Nowadays, children and grandparents hardly communicate, which leads to a generation gap.

How to Bridge the Generation Gap?

1. Communicate

To reduce the generation gap, communication should be the initial step. Lack of communication between parents and kids leads to this gap. You should talk to your parents about your daily routine, feelings, etc. By doing so, you can bridge the gap between you and your parents, which will help you to become more attached. The feeling of affection will grow stronger.

2. Spend time with your parents

Kids should spend quality time with their parents to understand each other better. They can spend quality time watching a match together or going for an evening walk. This will surely help you get closer to your parents and bridge the generation gap. You can even make your parents learn new games and play with them someday.

3. Share your problems

You should share your problems with your parents to help you with solutions. Initially, they might scold you, but at last, they will support you and suggest some solutions.

4. Show genuine gestures

Effective gestures often prove to be successful and can convey more than words. It can be a gift to your parents on their birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s or Father’s Day, etc.

5. Act Responsibly

Parents feel delighted when they see their kids behaving like grown-ups. As we grow up, our responsibilities also get bigger. It’s better for us if we understand it as fast as possible.


To sum it up, we can say that the generation gap happens due to constant changes in the world.

While we may not stop the evolution of the world, we can strengthen the bond and bridge the gap it creates. Each person must respect everyone for their individuality, rather than fitting them into a box they believe to be correct.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Generation gap Essay


How can the generation gap issue be overcome?

It can be overcome by taking proactive steps like actively involving all family members in discussions. Also, we must not ignore or disrespect elderly people and try to explain your point of view if any difference in opinion occurs.


How should parents/ grandparents treat their children in order to avoid generation gaps?

Be friendly with children and advise them in a subtle and patient way. Also, inform them about the major decisions which are to be taken in the family and make them feel included.


What are the main reasons for generation gaps?

The ever-changing technology and the invention of several new things on a daily basis are one of the main reasons for the generation gap.


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