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Love is the essence of human life. God has gifted humans with different kinds of emotions that they can feel to experience the various aspects of life. Love is one such kind of emotion that all human beings have. Everybody has felt it, be it for a person, pet, or even a non-living object. We feel special when someone shows their love for us. Love is a divine energy. It can heal the wound and can work as a medicine for a person. It can help people to reach new heights in their lives and fulfil their goals. Giving love is also a way of worshipping God. With the help of this essay on love, students will understand the meaning of love, its significance and its different aspects. This will help them to write an effective essay on love. Moreover, students can also go through the list of CBSE Essays to practise more essays on different topics.

500+ Words Essay on Love

Love is an emotion that we all yearn for. From the day we are born, we crave love. The little baby who arrives in this world is unaware of things. The only thing that they understand is love. The relationship of a mother with the child is said to be the strongest. The mother’s love is the purest because a mother does not have any expectations. It is selfless love as it only has the feeling of giving.

As we grow up, we make friends, and we have relatives, neighbours and many more people in our lives. But what is the one thing that draws or repels us from a person? It is their nature. A person with a kind and loving nature is loved by all.

Importance of Love

We create love out of strong, personal bonds. Love gives us the assurance that we are not alone in the world. In a larger aspect, love runs the world around us. On a smaller scale, we survive as children because our parents love and care for us. Love can tell a lot about ourselves. When we love someone, we accept them, forgive their small mistakes and patiently listen to them. Our preferences, tastes, morality, thought processes and instinctive feelings also change.

The feeling of love keeps us alive. We start enjoying our lives. We feel motivated and inspired all the time. We think of doing better in our lives and strive for the best. We fall in love with life and start living in the present moment. This makes us realise that we must be thankful for whatever we have in life.

Society and Love

A society or community functions well when they have the feeling of togetherness and lovingness. A society in which everyone hates each other and can’t see the development of others can never make progress. So, for the progress of any society or nation, it is very important that people love each other. Love will bind people of different castes, races, sex, community, religion, area, etc., in one thread of togetherness. Love is the deepest and most meaningful of all sentiments.

Basic Elements of Love

Love has basic three elements. The first one is understanding. People are said to love each other when they are willing to provide mutual understanding. When things do not go in our favour, it requires sacrifice. Trust is the second element. People must build trust in relationships to make stronger bonds. Cooperation is the last one. People must cooperate and help each other to achieve their goals.


Love is the lubricant of life, and without love, the machinery of life will overheat from friction and ‘seize up’; but love is no substitute for the other qualities which go to the making of the whole of human existence.

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