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Whenever the word postman comes in our mind, a picture of a man wearing the khaki dress, riding a bicycle and carrying a bag is created in front of us. The Postman delivers letters to our homes. When the communication system was not so strong, at that time, letters were the medium for communication. People kept in touch with their relatives and loved ones who lived far away in towns or villages through letters and the postman was a medium to carry these letters. Nowadays, apart from bringing letters, a postman does other work as well. In this Postman Essay, students will get to know the importance of a postman and the functions performed by him. The Essay on Postman is a very common topic and is highly expected to be asked in the exam. So, students are advised to go through this essay and then try to write their own essay.

Postman and their Duties

A postman is a government employee who delivers the “post” or the mail. Their job also includes sorting and handing out mail letters and packages at post offices, selling postal products like stamps and specialized boxes, and taking in letters from customers. Postmen can be found in every part of the country whether it is a village or a metro city. They go door to door to deliver parcels, couriers, letters, money orders, gifts, rakhi, greeting cards etc. A postman is a familiar face in the society.

Everyone waits for the postman to knock on the door. He is always welcome. The postman has a dress code. They wear a khaki uniform and carry a bag full of letters, documents, telegrams, parcels, etc. Some postmen move on bicycles while many of them go on foot to deliver the letters. They also collect the letters from the letter boxes and assemble them at the post office. Then, these letters are sent through mail-vans or trains from one post office to another. Subsequently, the letters are collected at the destination post office and sent to the respective addresses. A postman may bring joy to some, while for others, at times he may have sad news.

A postman work starts early in the morning. Sometimes, it depends upon the mail receipt at his Post Office. A postman has to sort the mail, arrange them according to his beat, collect money orders with cash from the treasury, collect parcels and move outside the Post Office for delivery. He brings back the returned and undelivered/unpaid letters/money orders to the post office and hands them to the concerned person. So, a Postman not only performs outdoor duties but also assists in indoor jobs.

Importance of the Postman

India has the largest postal network in the world. More than 1.5 lakh post offices are spread across the country and most of them are situated in rural areas. Post offices are the backbone of communication and thus, the postman has a significant role to play. They have played a crucial role in the social economic development of the country. People often send money orders, gifts and other important parcels via post. A telegram was sent in case an urgent message had to be conveyed.

Postal services are impacting the lives of Indian citizens in many ways such as delivering mail and accepting deposits under Small Savings Schemes. Nowadays the services in post offices also provide life insurance cover under Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI). People can also avail retail services like bill collection, sale of forms, etc. The post offices act as an agent for the Government of India in discharging other services for citizens such as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), wage disbursement and old age pension payments.


The importance of the postman may have reduced with time due to the introduction of modern communication systems. However, they are still an essential part of our community. They still deliver many important posts, money orders and other government schemes. They reach remote places for their work whether it is mountains and valleys, hilly areas, deserts. Postmen carry out their duties in all seasons, no matter how cold or hot the day is. Whether it’s raining heavily or flooded with water, they do their work with full responsibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Postman

What is the importance of postman in our life?

Postmen plays an important people in our lives. They facilitate communication among people from various parts of the world. They deliver letters, parcels, money order, telegrams at our doorsteps.

Is the work of a postman hard?

Postmen are hard-working people. They are honest with their work and make people’s lives easier. Sometimes they have to travel a long distance to deliver the parcel. Despite this, they are not paid well. The tasks they performs does not do justice to the pain and hardships they have to go through.

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