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A journey by train is the most common thing in today’s modern world. Since all of us need to travel far distances, we need transportation for that. Trains come out to be the best and most economical option among all transportation facilities available. The journey by train makes us feel pleasure and fills us with excitement. All of us must have gone on a vacation with family by taking a journey by train. In this essay on a train journey, I am going to share my first time travelling experience by train. You can also check out the list of CBSE Essays. Practise writing “a Train Journeyssay” to boost your writing skills.

A Journey by Train Essay

A train is not just a transport vehicle. It connects people; it provides access to jobs, communities and goods. It delivers vital social services. Trains are the backbone of the transportation system, which help in creating a sustainable economy. We have often read books and magazines that mention the beautiful experience of train journeys. By reading them, our heart fills with adventure, thrill and happiness.

My First Experience of Train Journey

A journey by train always excites me. It is fun to travel by train. I have been travelling by train since my childhood. The first time I experienced the train journey was when I was studying in Class 6. During my summer vacation, my parents planned to visit Nainital. My father had already booked the train tickets for AC3 Class two months before.

We were staying in Lucknow, and from there, our train journey began. We reached Lucknow Charbagh Station one hour before the train departure time. Lucknow station was 7-8 km far away from our home. So, my father booked a taxi, and we reached Lucknow station. After reaching the station, my father checked for the train timing and platform number on which the train had to arrive. The train was on time, and we had to go to platform number 5. We did not have much luggage, so we did not take coolies. My father took 2 suitcases, and my mother took one bag. Before going to platform number 5, we purchased some chips, water bottles and biscuits.

The station was crowded with people. There were tea stalls, food counters, coolies and many other passengers like us waiting for their train. I could hear a lot of noise in the station, which was due to train announcements, coolies and tea sellers. Hearing the noise and looking at the trains as 1 hour passed, I didn’t get to know. Now, it was time for our train to arrive. We comfortably entered the train and reached our seats. My seat was in the lower berth, so I was happy that I could see all the views from my window seat.

The train gave a hooter sound, and then it started. I was so excited and filled with curiosity and enthusiasm. As the train has taken up speed, I feel as if trees and homes are moving along with us. I asked my mother, “Is it really happening?” Then, my mother replied, “Trees and homes are not moving. As we are sitting in the train and the train is moving at a fast speed, that is why things around us seem to be moving along with us. In reality, we are moving, and other things are static in their respective places.” Then, I understood the concept. For some time, I was peacefully enjoying the scene from my window.

On the train, my experience was very joyful. In our front seat, there was also one family. We played the ludo game, name the places and antakshari. In between the games, we also had snacks and lunch. The train had stopped at the major station, and people were getting down and sitting up on the train. As the train stops at any station, many of the food sellers enter the train to sell their items and get down when the train starts running. This process repeats at every station where the train stops.

Finally, after 10 hours of travelling, it was time for the Kathgodam station to arrive, where we had to get down. Before the Kathgodam station, I could see the mountains and greenery from the window seat. At that time, I got to know that we had come to Hill station to enjoy our summer vacation. We got down in Kathgodam station, and from there, we booked a taxi for Nainital. After 2 hours of road journey, we reached Nainital.

Nainital is such a beautiful place. It is surrounded by mountains all around. From the mountains, a lake called “Nani Lake” was flowing, which increased the beauty of Nainital. The temperature of the Nainital was so pleasant that we felt relieved from summer and heat. We did many activities like boat riding and mountain climbing. We have visited many sites and also done a lot of shopping. After spending 3 days in Nainital, we again took a train from Kathgodam station to Lucknow and came back home. The experience was awesome for me. I will never forget this enjoyable journey by train.

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