Guidelines issued by CBSE regarding the change of school in class 10 and 12

Right at the beginning of the academic year 2019-20, the Central Board of Secondary Education has issued a circular specifying the guidelines regarding the change of school by students in class 10 and 12. The board advised against the students changing the school in these crucial years. Though at times, it becomes unavoidable to change the schools, the board has implemented stringent guidelines for those trying to change the school for flimsy reasons such as “better education”.

The board brings attention to the fact that many students shift their schools quoting different reasons. While the board accepts the moving of family and distance as reasons for the change, it turns down the reasons like “better education”, etc. The board recommends the students that if they wish to change the school, they can change their schools in classes 9 and 11 rather than changing in class 10 and 12.

The primary reason behind the proposal is that the CBSE begins the process of registration for the board examinations right from classes 9 and 11 respectively. Be that as it may, a change of school in class 10 and 12 doubles the paperwork which increases the chances of occurrence of an error due to transfer.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has pointed out the list of documents that have to be submitted for direct admissions in class 10 and 12 in the circular released on the 5th of April, 2019. STandard documents like medical certificates, parent’s transfer orders etc. for shifting due to transfer, medical grounds, etc.

Not only the parents but both the admitting and leaving schools would also be asked to attach the documents of CBSE Board Results of the previous five years. The schools will have to furnish the qualifications and teaching experience to provide comparative proof of the stipulation as well.

The schools and the teachers have welcomed the circular stating that the stricter guidelines were very much essential as many students migrate to other schools on the light that a lot of schools decline to promote students keeping the board examination in classes 12 and 10 in mind. These guidelines are expected to stop such transfers which lead to the interruption of the process of registration. 15th July 2019 is the final date on which direct admissions to class 12 and 10 can be applied.


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