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500+ Words Essay on Health is Wealth

The proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ is highly popular, indicating the significance of “Health” to us. However, the proverb’s true meaning is lost now, as many believe that just being free of any illness makes for a healthy life. But, that’s not all that good health is all about. A person has to be fit not just physically but mentally as well, to be known as completely healthy. Other aspects adding to it are emotional and social health, as well. This “Health is Wealth Essay” is an essential topic for essay writing, and students can read on to know how to score well in English essays.

Essay on Health is Wealth Proverb In English

A definition of health includes your physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will have to follow these tips given in the health is wealth paragraph below.

Vital Aspects of a Health is Wealth Lifestyle

You need to understand that to write an essay on “Health Is Wealth”, you need to include the below-given points.

  • Consistent habit and a disciplined life helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Enhancing your appearance helps to boost your confidence and mental health
  • Exercise helps to burn out extra fat and keeps you happy
  • Strengthen your immune system so that you don’t fall ill often
  • Cleanliness is another factor that adds to a healthy lifestyle
  • Clean surroundings help to avoid the risk of infectious diseases
  • Taking proper rest is another factor that allows us to lead a healthy lifestyle

Advantages of a Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to being happy. It also helps to motivate you to achieve higher targets. Meanwhile, all the luxuries in this world are useless if you do not get well soon. While money may buy you good things in life, it does not guarantee a healthy life for you. You are solely responsible for that. You should also avoid junk food if you wish to lead a very healthy, happy life. Undue stress should also be avoided. One main advantage of leading a healthy habit is that it brings positivity to your life, leading to longevity and success. It is imperative to balance your life and work to attain a healthy lifestyle, free from mental stress.

Thus, we can see that maintaining a healthy and active mind and body is the key to balancing your daily activities. Meanwhile, the greed for luxury and wealth creation has also resulted in health-related issues for many. Being able to stay fit and healthy is indeed a blessing. Tips to attain this are discussed here in this ‘Health is Wealth’ essay in English.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Health is wealth Essay


What is the meaning of the phrase ‘Health is wealth’?

It refers to the fact that the health of a person is the most valuable and precious thing he can have.


How to stay healthy?

You can maintain your health by exercising regularly, eating homemade and balanced food, avoiding saturated fats and relaxing your mind by focusing on living stress-free.


What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle are decreased risk of illness, higher immunity, stress-free life and a positive mindset.


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