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500+ Words Nationalism Essay

Nationalism is a feeling of love and pride for our country. Whenever we think about the term nationalism, we get thoughts related to patriotism, national flags, sacrifices for the country etc. The Republic Day parade in Delhi is a striking symbol of Indian nationalism, and it brings out the sense of power, strength, and diversity of the Indian nation. With the help of this nationalism essay, students will get to know what nationalism means and how it plays an important role in uniting the people of a country. They can also get the list of CBSE Essays on different topics for their practice. It will help them to increase their scores in the English exam, and they can participate in various essay writing competitions at the school level.

Meaning of Nationalism

Nationalism may be defined as a sentiment, loyalty or sympathy which binds a group of people together and thus creates unity among them. Nationalism consists of some basic elements, which can be like a common language, traditions, religion, race, history or geography of a place etc. It is not necessarily true that people of every nationality must have these basic elements. In India, several races, languages, and cultures contribute to the Indian nationality.

Nationalism in India

Nationalism is rooted in the popular principle of nationality. For India, the making of national identity was a long process whose roots can be drawn from the ancient era. India had been ruled by many emperors in different time periods. It was during the 19th Century, the concept of national identity emerged among the people of India. It gave rise to national consciousness. People had a desire to get the identity of their nation. The major reasons behind this were economic, social and political factors. People discovered their unity in their struggle story, and with the help of Nationalism, they got freedom.

Elaborating on the concept of Indian Nationalism, the Encyclopedia on Social Science says, “India is a nation in which the Hindu religion served as a cohesive traditional element in uniting people of various races, religions and languages. India achieved national unity through the influence of Western ideas, notably those of British origin, and in the struggle against British rule”.

The great Rabindranath Tagore spoke of nationalism as “the most powerful anaesthetic that man has invented.” He added further: “Under the influence of its fumes the whole people can carry out its systematic programme of the most virulent self-seeking without being in the least aware of its moral perversion.”

Role of Nationalism

Nationalism inspired intense loyalties among the people. It has united people and helped to liberate them from oppressive rule. But, it has also been the cause of conflict and bitterness and wars. It has been a factor in the breakup of empires and states. The struggles related to nationalism have resulted in redrawing the boundaries of several empires and states. As a result of this, today we can see that the world is divided into different nations and states. So, it’s important that we as citizens use the spirit of nationalism in a constructive way. It should contribute to the growth of the nation and should build a feeling of brotherhood among people.

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