Solar Energy Project

Solar energy – the experiment on the efficiency of solar heating working model is one of the easiest science experiment that you can prepare in your school fair science project. This working model is quick, simple and very informative.

The result may vary if the project is performed outdoor due to the wind and weather condition, so it is recommended to conduct the experiment indoor.

In this solar heater project, use reflectors to concentrating the solar energy in one small place to collect and store heat energy. In this experiment you will see the efficiency a solar energy.

Solar Energy

Materials Required

  1. A wooden stand
  2. Thermometer
  3. Concave or converging mirror
  4. Tube to flow liquid.
  5. Black paper


  1. Mount the wooden stand
  2. Roll pieces of black paper around the tube.
  3. Attach the tube in the concave mirror in a way where the sunlight concentrate in one direction.
  4. Full the tube with tap water
  5. After 30 minutes record the temperature of the tube.


To calculate the efficiency of the concave mirror solar heater, you can divide the temperature increase by the direct sunlight. Eventually, the temperature of the water increase after 30 minutes as the heat is transferred through the concave mirror and concentrated on the tube.

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The S.I. unit of power is: