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500+ Words Essay on Television

Television is one of the most popular devices used for entertainment. It has become a powerful means of mass communication. Television opens up new horizons for us. Sitting in the living room, you can access information about distant countries like America with just a click of the remote. Television is used to create awareness about various issues like environmental pollution and global warming. It can also be used as a tool for relaxation as it provides various movies, serials, songs etc., for entertainment.

Television Essay

Here, we have provided an Essay on Television, which will help you get familiar with the History of Television, the impact of television on our daily lives, and its advantages and disadvantages. You are requested to go through this Television Essay and then try to write your essay. This Essay on TV will work for you as a sample essay and help you accumulate your ideas in an organised way. Thus, you will be able to write an effective Television Essay in English.

History of Television in India

Television came to India on 15th September 1959 as an experiment where experimental transmission was done from Delhi. The television broadcasts started in India under All India Radio (AIR). In 1976, Doordarshan became a separate department independent of All India Radio. The early programmes on the experimental broadcasts were generally educational programmes for school children and farmers.

Doordarshan has evolved over the years. It had a monopoly as it was the only channel available to the Indian television audience. However, today, we have many channels other than Doordarshan. This change occurred in the 1990s with the arrival of private channels. Several regional channels came into the television scene during this period. Apart from the regional channels, a host of international channels like CNN, BBC and Discovery are also available to the Indian television audience. There is something for everyone to watch with different categories of channels like 24-hour news channels, movie channels, religious channels, and cartoon channels.

Impact of Television on Our Daily Lives

Television has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has the power to influence our lives in many ways. This influence can have both positive and negative results. On the positive side, Television can be an excellent teacher. It is used as a wonderful medium for mass education, as many educational channels like Discovery help in increasing scientific knowledge. With the help of Television, we stay updated with the latest news and information happening across the globe. Thus, it connects us with the world. It never makes us feel alone as it is a good source of entertainment. We can also spend some fun time with family by watching a show or match on TV. Moreover, Television provides opportunities for many people to showcase their talent in reality shows.

On the other hand, Television has its disadvantages. Too much Television can distract you from other activities, like reading, sports, studies, etc. Many people are addicted to TV, watching their favourite TV programmes. Due to this, a lot of time gets wasted, and people become obese and lazy. Many television programs have a terrible effect on children’s brains and influence them towards criminal activities. Children try to imitate their favourite character, due to which they get involved in wrong actions such as drinking alcohol, smoking, wearing inappropriate dresses, etc. Not only children but adults are also get influenced by Television when they view various product ads. These ads attract attention, and we try to purchase them without giving a single thought to whether we need them or not. We buy them for fashion and to show off.

Television in itself is neither good nor bad. It is just another medium of communication. The positive and negative effects depend upon how we use them. So, we must try to use Television as per our necessity, instead of getting addicted to it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Television Essay


Is the television still a popular device?

Although several new gadgets have been invented and are widely in use in today’s world, the television still remains one of the most used devices.


Is television a boon or a bane?

Television has several positive aspects which should be considered. It could also act as a possible distraction for students who are addicted to the entertainment channels telecasted. If this device is used with proper guidance by students, it would definitely aid them in enhancing their knowledge and skills.


How to frame an essay in such a way as to score maximum marks?

1. Use a wide range of vocabulary words

2. Frame the content in a meaningful manner

3. Check the grammatical construct of sentences


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