CBSE Unseen Passage for Class 5

CBSE Unseen Passage for Class 5 is provided here to help students prepare for the reading comprehension section for the English exam. By solving the unseen passages, students can easily score 10 to 20 marks on the exam. So, students must practise the Unseen Passage for Class 5. It will help students in scoring high marks on the exam and also improve their reading and comprehension skills.

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English

Practising different sets of Unseen Passages for Class 5 English will help students to complete the reading comprehension section quickly during the exam. It will improve their speed of reading and answering the questions of unseen passages. Students can go through the different sets of unseen passages and practise them to boost their reading section.

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English – Passage 1

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:

I am thrilled that May is finally here! Now I can enjoy what I call “the sweet taste of summer”! Watermelons are in the stores, and I plan to eat one every day for the next three months. I think watermelons taste better than any other fruit. Peaches, plums, and strawberries are also great in the summer. I enjoy eating those, too. But they just don’t taste as good to me as a sweet, sweet watermelon. My whole family likes eating watermelons. We ate at least three watermelons a week last year. This year, I am going to eat watermelon every day, all summer long.

1. Why is the girl excited that May has arrived?

2. What is her favourite fruit?

3. How long will the watermelons be available?

4. What other summer fruits does the girl enjoy?

5. What is your favourite summer fruit? Why do you like this particular fruit?

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English – Passage 2

Read the following passage and answer the questions:

It’s a rainy day at my house. It’s rainy and windy. The pretty fall leaves are flying in my yard. They are beautiful. They are orange, red, brown, and gold. They are falling off the trees in my yard. I like to watch the leaves fly. The rain and wind make the leaves come off the trees. Soon the leaves will be all on the ground. I can help my mom and dad rake them up. I like this time of year.

1. Where do you think the boy is when he is watching the leaves?

2. What colours of leaves did the boy see?

3. What season is it?

4. What made the leaves come off the trees?

5. The boy likes to watch the leaves fly. What is making the leaves fly in his yard?

6. What is the boy going to do when all the leaves are on the ground?

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English – Passage 3

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:

Dana loves flowers. Her favourites are daisies, tulips, and daffodils. Tulips and daffodils come up every spring, and daisies come up later in the summer. These plants are perennials; they come up year after year.

Dana loves the spring because she can go to the flower market to buy her annuals. The annuals only last one season, but they add a lot of colour to the garden. Dana got up Saturday morning very early. She wanted to get to the market early so she would have time to plant everything when she got home. Off she went to Barton’s Flower Market. She ran into some friends.

“Hi, Dana,” they called out to her.

“Hi,” said Dana with a big smile. “Let’s look around together!” Dana and her friends saw pansies, geraniums, periwinkles, and petunias.

“Oh, so many pretty flowers!” exclaimed Dana. “I love them all.”

Dana decided to buy red and yellow pansies, blue periwinkles, and purple petunias. That will add a lot of colour to my garden, thought Dana. She said goodbye to her friends and went home.

Dana happily began planting her new flowers around the tulips and daffodils. Dana was so happy. She loved her flower garden, and she knew she would enjoy it all summer long. Dana had a perfect day.

1. According to the story, Dana liked to

a. cook food from the garden

b. plant flowers in the garden

c. pull weeds from the garden

d. none of the above

2. Daffodils and tulips are

a. perennials

b. annuals

c. need to be planted each year.

d. none of the above

3. Annuals are flowers that

a. come up year after year

b. add colour

c. must be planted each spring

d. both b and c.

4. Dana bought

a. every flower at the market

b. tulips and daffodils

c. pansies, petunias, and periwinkles

d. none of the above

5. In this story, Dana’s mood was

a. sad

b. surprised

c. happy

d. all the above

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English – Passage 4

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:

Once there lived a carpenter named Kasi. He had a five-year-old son. His name was Vasu. Kasi’s father, Ramu, was too old, and he also stayed with them. Kasi began to think that his father was of no use to him because he was too old to do any work. Kasi always spoke angrily to his father. One day, Kasi gave food on a mud plate to his father. Being too old, Ramu was not able to hold the mud plate. He dropped it down and broke it. Kasi became very angry and scolded his father. Vasu observed this. The next day, Kasi gave a new mud plate. He went out to work. When he came back, he saw the new mud plate also broken into pieces. He scolded his father badly and warned him, “Old man, if you break the next plate also, there will be no food for you”. Vasu was listening to his father’s words. The next day, in the evening, when he came back home, he saw his son doing some work with his carpentry tools. He was surprised to see this and happily went near him; Kasi asked Vasu, “What are you doing, my son?” Vasu replied, “Dad, I am making a plate of wood for you. When you become old, I will give you this wood plate so that you will not break it and I need not send you out of the house.” Kasi realised his mistake and apologised to his father for his mistakes. He never ill-treated his father after that.

1. Why did Kasi always speak angrily to his father?

2. Was Kasi right/wrong in being rude to his father? Give reasons.

3. Why did Vasu make a wooden plate? What lesson did he teach his father?

4. What moral do you get from this story?

5. Suppose you were Kasi; how would you have treated your father?

6. Suggest a suitable title for this story.

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English – Passage 5

Read the passage below and answer the following questions:

Plants need sunlight and water to make their own food. You can do an experiment to test if this is true. Place a bucket over a patch of green grass. After a few days, lift the bucket. You will see that the grass is not as green anymore. If you leave the bucket in place for a week, the grass will become very dull. This happens because the grass cannot make food in the dark. Remove the bucket. In a few days, the grass will start turning green again.

1) What is the central idea of this passage?

A. Buckets are bad

B. Plants need sunlight

C. Grass is not pretty when it is dull

D. Green anymore

2) What is an experiment?

A. a way to grow grass

B. a way to test an idea

C. a way to use a bucket

D. a way need water

3) What happens after a few days?

A. The grass turns brown

B. The grass gets very dull

C. The grass is not as green

D. The grass becomes small

4) What is the opposite of dull?

A. bright

B. brown

C. sunlight

D. ray

5) According to the passage, how long does it take for the grass to become dull?

A. a month

B. a week

C. a few days

D. a year

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English – Passage 6

Read the passage below and answer the following questions:

Bachendri’s story stands as an example of how going against your family’s wishes can be hard but important from time to time. Raised surrounded by the Himalayas towering around her hometown, she intended to climb it one day and focused on becoming a professional mountain climber. Moreover, she received a lot of discouragement for being a girl trying to take on such a physically challenging path. This only fuelled her passion; she was selected to be part of an expedition to the top of Mt. Everest. She braved being buried in snow, fierce icy winds and even losing sensation in her toes. She was one of the few who finally made it to the top creating history by being the first Indian woman to reach the summit.

1) Which mountains surrounded Bachendri’s hometown?

a) The Himalayas

b) The Alps

c) The Mountains

d) Mt. Everest

2) What was the childhood dream of Bachendri?

a) To become an athlete

b) To climb the mountains one day

c) To become a coach

d) To become a teacher

3) What did she want to become on growing up?

a) Doctor

b) Professional mountain climber

c) Engineer

d) An athlete

4) What was the reaction of Bachendri’s family regarding her choice of career?

a) They were happy

b) They supported her

c) Her family was not happy

d) None of these

5) Why did she receive a lot of discouragement?

a) Because she was a girl

b) Because she was weak

c) Because she was incapable

d) Because her family did not support

Unseen Passage for Class 5 English – Passage 7

Read the passage below and answer the following questions:

One day a wonderful plate made of gold fell from heaven into the court of a temple. The following words were written on it.” A gift from heaven to him who loves mankind the best”. The priest of the temple invited people to the temple and told them about the gift from heaven. Everybody claimed that they love mankind best, then each one got up one by one and narrated their own kind deeds. But as soon as they touched the plate, it turned into lead. The richest man in the village got up and spoke about his big charity, but as soon as he touched the plate, it turned into lead. A poor farmer was also present there. He did not know about the plate. He sat in a corner quietly. The priest called him to touch the plate. He bowed to the plate and touched the plate. It shone more brightly. The priest awarded the farmer the plate as his love for mankind was true.

1. From where did the plate of gold fall?

2. Complete the sentence.
“The richest man in the village got up and spoke about his big charity”.

3. Tick ( ) the correct answer:

a) The poor farmer got the gold plate ( )

b) The rich man got the gold plate ( )

4. Which word in the passage means “a place of worship”?

5. Give a suitable title for the story.

6. What did you learn from the story?

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