Chhattisgarh Board Class 5 Textbooks 2021-22 PDF | Download CGBSE Class 5 Books PDF

Find in this article, clickable links from where you can download the Chhattisgarh Board Class 5 Textbooks of Maths and Environmental Studies in English and Hindi Medium. You have to only access these files from the PDF links provided in the table with the article. These CGBSE Textbooks are useful to understand the concepts well and also to clear any doubts in these subjects.

Chhattisgarh Board Class 5 Maths Textbook

Class 5 Maths can be a joy to learn and the CGBSE Class 5 Maths textbook caters to this. The textbook discusses a lot of concepts such as Numbers, Average, Angles, Length, Capacity, Time, Perimeter, Data Handling and much more. The textbook explains even the complex concepts in an easy to understand language.

Download CGBSE Class 5 Maths textbook PDFs-English Medium & Hindi Medium

CGBSE Class 5 Maths Textbook(English Medium)
CGBSE Class 5 Maths Textbook(Hindi Medium)

We also provide the list of chapters from the textbook in the table below:

NOs Name Of Lessons
1 Numbers
2 Operations
3 Profit and Loss
4 Unitary Method
5 Average
6 Multiples and Factors
7 Fractions
8 Decimals
9 Symmetry
10 Angles
11 Geometrical Figures
12 Length
13 Weight
14 Capacity
15 Money
16 Time
17 Billing
18 Perimeter
19 Area
20 Data Handling
21 Pattern and Riddles
22 Devanagari Numerals
23 Vedic Maths

Chhattisgarh Board Class 5 EVS Textbook

Some of the concepts discussed in this CGBSE Class 5 EVS textbook range from topics related to the environment, be it natural, social or cultural, such as water, forest, pollution, natural disasters, animals and conservation of natural resources and so on. These textbooks of Chhattisgarh Board explain these concepts in simple language for you to comprehend easily.

Download CGBSE Class 5 EVS textbook PDFs-English Medium & Hindi Medium

CGBSE Class 5 EVS Textbook(English Medium)
CGBSE Class 5 EVS Textbook(Hindi Medium)

At the same time, in the table below we have also listed the chapter names from the Class 5 textbook for Environmental Studies:

S. No. Name of Chapters
1 Let’s do a Survey
2 Direction, Scale and Map
3 Roots and Leaves
4 Our National Symbols
5 Mosquitoes and Malaria
6 The Map Speaks
7 Snakes
8 Bank
9 The Autobiography of Mahanadi
10 How is Iron Made?
11 The Jungles of Chhattisgarh
12 Magic with Mirrors
13 The Skin
14 Friction
15 Ants
16 Food of Animals
17 Bones
18 Haat (A Weekly Market)
19 Divyang, Not a Curse
20 Solar Energy
21 Talagaon
22 Means of Transport
23 A Visit to Goa
24 Louis Pasteur
25 The Journey of Seeds
26 Mud and Stones
27 The Brave Warrior of Chhattisgarh
28 Punjab
29 Handicrafts of Chhattisgarh
30 The Wonders of Computers
31 Disaster Management

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