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Acing a subject requires mastering that subject thoroughly. That requires the students to understand all the concepts and topics. One of the best resources that explain these in an easy to comprehend language is the Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 Textbook. Here, in this article, we provide the clickable PDF links for the students to download the CGBSE Class 9 Textbooks of Maths and Science subjects. Students can just click on these links, access the PDFs of the books in both English and Hindi medium and print them out for future reference, if required.

Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 Maths Textbook

Maths for Class 9 can be easy or difficult to score, depending on a student’s ability to understand the concepts and topics. CGBSE Class 9 Maths textbook is the best source to simply explain even the most complex concepts. Some of the topics covered in the textbook consist of Polynomials, Playing with Numbers, Comparing Quantity, Congruency of Triangles, Geometrical Constructions, Cube and Cuboid, Data Handling and Analysis and more.

Download CGBSE Class 9 Maths Textbook PDFs- In English & Hindi Medium

CGBSE Class 9 Maths Textbook (English Medium)
CGBSE Class 9 Maths Textbook (Hindi Medium)

Find below the list of units and chapters from the Class 9 Maths textbook:

Unit Nos Unit Names With Chapters
Unit 1 History of Mathematics


Chapter 1 History of Mathematics

Unit 2 Algebra


Chapter 2 Real Numbers

Chapter 3 Exponent

Chapter 4 Polynomials

Chapter 5 Linear Equation in One Variable

Chapter 6 Playing With Numbers

Unit 3 Commercial Mathematics

Chapter 7 Comparing Quantity

Unit 4 Trigonometry


Chapter 8Trigonometrical Ratio & Identities

Unit 5 Geometry


Chapter 9 Straight Line and Angle

Chapter 10 Congruency of Triangles

Chapter 11 Quadrilaterals

Chapter 12 Transformation and Symmetry in Geometrical Shapes

Chapter 13 Geometrical Constructions

Unit 6 Mensuration


Chapter 14 Sector of A Circle and Length of Arc

Chapter 15 Cube and Cuboid

Unit 7 Statistics


Chapter 16 Data Handling and Analysis

Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 Science Textbook

Science can be challenging to learn, and the CGBSE Class 9 Science textbook helps to simplify the complex concepts of the subject. The book explains them in an easy to understand language, so that students grasp the fundamentals effortlessly. The topics covered may include Atomic Structure, Motion, Gravitation, Our Health, Sound and so on.

Download CGBSE Class 9 Science Textbook PDFs- In English & Hindi Medium

CGBSE Class 9 Science Textbook (English Medium)
CGBSE Class 9 Science Textbook (Hindi Medium)

The list of chapter names from the Class 9 Science textbook is also found here:

S. No. Chapters
1 Biodiversity and Classification
2 Matter: Nature and Behaviour
3 Atomic Structure
4 Motion
5 Force and Laws of Motion
6 Fundamental Unit of Life: Cell
7 Multicellular Structure: Tissue
8 Chemical Bonding
9 Chemical Formula and Mole Concept
10 Chemical Reactions and Equations
11 Gravitation
12 Work and Energy
13 Our Health
14 Sound
15 Hydrocarbons
16 Coal, Petroleum and Petrochemicals
17 Habitat
18 Waste and its Management

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