List of Chemical Reactions

list chemical reaction

Chemical reaction are an imperative part of our lives and the things that happen in our known universe. Even the simplest of things we are negligent about, the human body is a site for 37 thousand billion chemical reactions every second.

To help us understand the world around us by looking into a list of chemical reactions that occur around us.


The process of photosynthesis as we all know is the way by which plants take in carbon dioxide to give out oxygen into the surroundings. Glucose is the main product of the reaction. Photosynthesis can be expressed using the chemical reaction as stated below:

\(CO_{2(g)} + 6 H_{2}O_{(l)} \; \rightarrow \; 6O_{2(g)} + C_{6}H_{12}O_{6(aq)}\)


Electrolysis of water\ Combustion of hydrogen:

The simplest of processes by which water is formed by combining oxygen with hydrogen. In the forward direction, the reaction requires a high activation energy which will result in an exothermic reaction. The reaction goes as mentioned below:

\(2H_{2(g)} + O_{2(g)} \; \rightarrow \; 2H_{2}O_{(l)}\)


Formation of Calcium Carbonate:

The shells of various sea creatures and shells of the eggs of birds and reptiles are all made of calcium carbonate. Let us look at the reaction that takes place:

\(Ca^{2+}_{(aq)} + CO^{2-}_{3(aq)} \; \rightarrow \; CaCO_{3(s)}\)


Rusting of Iron:

Iron is one of the most abundant metals we see around us on a daily basis. That is also why we see iron with the most amount of corrosion. Rusting is the corrosion of the metal Iron. What happens rusting is that oxygen atoms attack the iron to form iron oxides. This can be represented using the equation stated below:

\(4Fe_{(s)} + 3O_{2(aq)} \; \rightarrow \; 2Fe_{2} O_{3(s)}\)


Ageing of wine:

This is the oxidation of alcohol. As time passes wine becomes sour and with exposure to air the alcohol in the wine is converted to acetic acid. The reaction of which is mentioned below:

\(CH_{3}CH_{2}OH_{(l)} + O_{2(g)} \; \rightarrow \; CH_{3}COOH_{(aq))}+ H_{2}O_{(l)}\)


Making of sulphuric acid:

Being one of the most important chemical and indicator for a long time, sulphuric acid was produced in an overall quantity of 180 million tones in 2004. Fertilizers use sulphuric acid to get superphosphates, ammonium sulfates and ammonium phosphate. The reaction of the formation reaction of sulphuric acids is given below.

\(2S_{(l)} + 3O_{2(g)} + H_{2}O_{(l)}\; \rightarrow 2H_{2}SO_{4 (aq))}\)


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