Emma Aragona, second-grade student from Ramstein Elementary School, plants a tree in honour of Earth Day April 22, 2015, at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

What is Reforestation?

Reforestation is the process of regenerating or replanting forest areas that have been destroyed or damaged for the benefits of mankind. Reforestation and afforestation share the same meaning i.e. afforestation is another name given to reforestation. Occasionally forests have the capability to regenerate due to the trees in the surroundings or due to the dispersion of seeds. However, forest lands that are badly degraded cannot be regenerated unless plants have been planted by using native methods.

Why Reforestation?

Reforestation is a very important procedure in order to save our planet. This is needed as huge forests are being destroyed or damaged due to various reasons on a daily basis. Removal of the green cover from the surface of the earth has become common due to various reasons such as forest fires, agricultural needs, human needs, logging, and mining.



Forests play a very important role in order to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. Deforestation is a serious threat to the existence of mankind. Due to deforestation, serious issues have risen like the greenhouse effect due to excessive carbon compounds present in the air. Forests house a diverse range of plants and animals. They provide a livelihood for a huge number of people. Forests also play a vital role in maintaining the water cycle, preventing soil erosion. Most important of all, forests are responsible for maintaining the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen the in earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, reforestation plays an important role in order to overcome deforestation and to restore the natural balance of plant life on the planet.

Large areas of forests have been disturbed. The Atlantic forest situated in South America is the house for a wide variety of wildlife and includes 104 species which are found nowhere else on earth. This forest is in great danger and can be considered as one of the most disturbed ecosystems in the world. This forest is severely fragmented and fails to support many species. Thus justifying the importance of trees to the planet.

How are we implementing Reforestation?


Many organizations are working towards the protection and restoration of forests by various methods such as imparting education to people regarding the importance of forests, reforestation, and expansion of the protected areas. Governments in different countries are also trying to introduce strict policies regarding the protection and restoration of forests. A collective global effort is required in order to achieve a sustainable and balanced ecosystem.

Do your part, plant a sapling, make judicious use of the resources you have, everyone can make a difference. Let us make the world a better place, for the current generation and the generations to come.

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