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Strategies To Control Pollution And Reduce Waste

control pollution

When we look at the effects of air, soil and water pollution, the need to reduce environmental pollution comes into picture. Measures should be taken on individual basis to reduce environmental pollution in the neighbourhood which will result in a cleaner environment. Pollution occurs due to discharge of wastes and inefficiency in its proper disposal. We should have a proper waste management strategy from its inception to its final disposal.

Waste management

Lots of solid waste is generated in the neighbourhood. Apart from the household wastes, we also have medical, agricultural, mining and industrial wastes. The improper disposal of these wastes results in environmental pollution. Hence, care must be taken while disposing these wastes to reduce the pollution levels in our surroundings.

Collection and disposal of wastes

The domestic waste that is generated is collected into bins and transferred to the municipal workers who take it to the disposable site. At the site, the waste is sorted out and separated as biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The plastic wastes (non-biodegradable wastes) such as bottles, plastics bags etc are sent for recycling. Whereas the biodegradable wastes are deposited on the land and converted into compost.

If the waste is not collected for disposal than it finds its way into the sewers. Some wastes are eaten by the cattle. Non-biodegradable wastes like metal scrap and plastic bags choke the sewers and cause incontinence. Cattles swallow these polythene bags and choke their throat. This makes it difficult for them to breath and may result in their death.

We all should follow the practice of collecting the waste and then disposing it properly. If the waste management technique is not followed then it may result into epidemics due to groundwater contamination and lead to Water Pollution. It is especially hazardous to the people who directly come in contact with the wastes for example rag pickers and the workers involved in waste disposal. These people are largely affected because they do not use any protective devices like gloves and mask while handling the wastes.

Improper disposal also allows poisonous gases to escape into the atmosphere and cause Air Pollution. Not only this, but the vehicles and the industries pump hazardous gases that directly or indirectly affect us and contribute to Air Pollution.

Being responsible citizens we should be a part of the proper waste disposal management and cooperate with the government. Throwing of wastes at inappropriate locations should be avoided. Effort should be made to reduce vehicular emissions by encouraging the use of Public transports, car pooling and finding greener alternatives to the existing fuel. Encouraging the use of Renewable sources of energy will go a long way in making our planet a safe and healthy place to live in.

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