Types Of Chemical Reactions-II

Chemical Reaction:

A chemical reaction is said to be taking place if two or more molecules interact and the molecule changes. Bonds are broken down and new molecules are created. The molecules that react with each other are called as reactants and the molecules that are produced during the reaction are known as products. Let’s look at some type of chemical reaction.

Types of chemical reaction

1. Precipitation
2. Neutralization
3. Oxidation
4. Reduction

Precipitation reaction

Precipitation reaction refers to the reaction in which two solutions containing soluble salts combine together to form an insoluble salt. Precipitation reaction helps in the determination of various ions in the solution. If we mix a solution of silver nitrate and potassium chloride, a white insoluble solid precipitate is formed and this formation is known as precipitate.

The chemical equation will be:

\(KCl~ + ~AgNO_3~ \rightarrow~ AgCl~ +~ KNO_3\)

Silver chloride is the white insoluble solid precipitate.

Neutralization reaction

This is a type of double displacement reaction occurring between an acid and a base. This reaction leads to the formation of salt and water. Let’s consider a reaction of sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid.

\(H_2SO_4~ +~ 2NaOH~ \rightarrow ~Na_2SO_4 ~+~ 2H_2O\)

\(Acid + Base \rightarrow Salt + Water\)Acid + Base Salt + Water

Redox reaction: A reaction in which oxidation and reduction occurs simultaneously.

Oxidation reaction

Removal of hydrogen or addition of oxygen from a compound is known as oxidation. Compounds or elements in which hydrogen is removed or in which oxygen is added is said to be oxidized. Elements which can remove hydrogen or add oxygen are known as oxidizing agents.

Reduction reaction

Removal of oxygen or addition of hydrogen from a compound is known as reduction. Compounds or elements in which oxygen is removed or in which hydrogen is added is said to be reduced. Elements which can remove oxygen or add hydrogen are known as reducing agents.

\(2~ Mg(s)~ + ~O_2(g)~\rightarrow~ 2 MgO(s)\)

In the above reaction, Mg is getting oxidized to MgO and O2 is getting reduced.

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