Uses of Diamond

Introduction – What is Diamond?

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon in which the carbon atoms are arranged in a diamond cubic crystal lattice. Of all naturally occurring materials, diamond boasts the highest thermal conductivity and hardness. These properties of diamond make it a very useful component of industrial cutting and polishing tools.

Structure of Diamond

This allotrope of carbon is made in the upper mantle of the Earth. It is entirely made up of carbon (just like graphite and coal). This arrangement of carbon atoms arises due to immense heat and high pressure.  Some important uses of Diamond are listed in this article.

Uses of Diamond

Diamond has a wide range of applications in several industries.

Uses of Diamond in Jewellery

They are used in jewellery (such as earrings, nose rings, engagement rings, pendants, etc.) due to their shiny lustre and their durability.  They are used in making jewellery because of their durability and lustre property

Uses of Diamond in Industry

Diamonds are used for industrial purpose. Its property of hardness is useful to drill, grind or cut materials. Hence, some blades used for cutting and drills in the industry used diamonds. They are present on the edges and tips in small sizes.

Uses of Diamond

Diamond in Beauty Products

Diamond in facial and diamond exfoliator is available these days. Beauty products have started including diamond dust and therefore the cost will definitely be high. Use of diamond in beauty products is to reduce wrinkles etc.

Other uses of Diamond

To improve sound quality it is used in audio equipment. Diamonds produce high-quality sound because they are hard and vibrate easily at high speed. It is also used in DJ equipment and high-quality recorders. In these, it is used as diamond record needles. Nanodiamonds have potential health benefits.

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