Count and Write Worksheets for Class 1

Counting is one of the most basic operations we perform as humans. And over the years, it seems so obvious that we seldom recognize it explicitly. But for children, to learn counting is one of the most crucial and initial steps of education. After learning Numbers, the next step for kids is to learn counting. They are taught how to assign a number to a group of entities. 

To help you assist your kid in learning how to count, we provide a plethora of creative worksheets designed by our experts. These Count and Write Worksheets for Class 1 will definitely prove to be a boon for your little one to learn and revise.

The basic activity in Counting Numbers Worksheets for Class 1 is to count and write the number in the provided area on the worksheet. Others include pattern worksheets-finding the pattern and filling up the empty spaces; counting numbers worksheets: 1-10 number worksheets, 1-20 number worksheets, counting to 30 worksheets; ascending and descending orders of numbers worksheets; so on and so forth.

Download Count and Write Worksheets

You can download the following Count and Write Worksheets here for free in pdf format:

Children are burdened with a lot of information in their first year of school. It is important to help your kid retain the information imparted to them. This is possible only when you keep your child focussed by continuous learning at home as well. We are here to help you with exciting Class 1 Maths Worksheets that you will need to teach counting to your kid. 

Download these engaging worksheets on Count and Write here for free in PDF format.

You can also check our Kids Learning section which will help your kid excel in all subjects and clear his/her exams with flying colours.

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