My Garden Essay in English for Class 2 Kids

Presenting ‘My Garden’ Essay in English for Class 2 kids that will help them to write an essay on this interesting topic. A garden is an organised plot of land that is set aside for growing new plants, shrubs, herbs, flowers, fruits, trees, etc. A garden can consist of natural as well as artificial materials. For instance, we can find artificial grass in some gardens. Here, we are going to discuss ‘My Garden’ Essay for Class 2 kids.

Gardening is pursued by many people as their hobby. It can give them peace and a way to connect to nature. Growing various types of flowers, vegetables, plants, trees, etc. is an activity that can be good for mental and physical health. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your own garden.

Gardens are a very crucial part of the house. They provide fresh air and a natural environment. They add up to the beauty of homes. The below given lines on my garden essay will aid kids in framing out sentences about their gardens. You can also download this essay on ‘My Garden’ for Class 2 in a colourful PDF format, through the download link given below.

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My Garden Essay for Class 2

My Garden Essay for Class 2

  • I have a beautiful garden beside my house.
  • There is lush green grass in the garden. The grass is very soft and velvety.
  • My garden is full of fascinating flowers – roses, orchids, dahlia, lilies, mogra, marigold, daisies, sunflowers, etc.
  • There are numerous herbs like tulsi, fenugreek, coriander, mint, etc. planted in the garden by my grandmother.
  • My garden also has lots of trees that bear delicious fruits- mangoes, guavas, pomegranate, apples and custard apples.
  • All these colourful flowers, plants and grass give the garden a captivating look when the cool and bright sunlight falls on them in the morning and evening time.
  • My father tends to all the plants and trees of the garden regularly in the morning.
  • When we return from school, my sister and I play in the garden in the evening.
  • On holidays, we spent a lot of time in our garden. My grandfather tells us stories about his childhood while we all sit around him in the garden.
  • Gardens exhibit how beautiful nature is with all its colours and hues. When I grow up, I will also plant more plants and trees in my garden.

We hope that the above written ‘My Garden’ essay in English would prove to be helpful to a little one in understanding how to draft a simple yet impressive essay on the garden. There are lots of other essays for Class 2 which are frequently asked in examinations. ‘My Garden’ paragraph is a very common topic for essays in primary classes. Hence, the above essay on ‘My Garden’ for Class 2 kids will assist kids in framing fascinating sentences about their gardens.

Writing essays improves the linguistic prowess of students. It boosts their confidence and enhances their sentence-building skills. While writing an essay on ‘My Garden’, students get a chance to ponder over the topic and pen down what they love about their gardens. ‘My Garden’ Essay for Class 2 is our attempt to draft an essay on this topic, keeping in mind the thought process of the students. Kids can attempt writing my school garden essay for Class 2 explaining what fascinates about the garden at their schools.

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