My Grandfather Essay for Class 2 Kids

Kids can share a special bond with their grandparents, particularly their grandfather. A grandfather is often lovingly called ‘grandpa’ by his grandchildren. He adores, indulges and showers his love and affection towards his children and grandchildren. Grandfathers are treated with great respect by their grandchildren. They love to give in to their interests and love to fulfill their demands about whatever they ask for. To celebrate this special bond, we bring to you a ‘My Grandfather Essay’ for Class 2 kids.

The below ‘My Grandfather Essay in English’ for Class 2 kids can be easily downloaded in a colourful PDF format through the download link given here. We hope these simple 10 lines will help young learners to pick some ideas about drafting a simple yet impressive ‘My Grandfather’ Essay for school.

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My Grandfather Essay for Class 2

My Grandfather Essay for Class 2

  • My grandfather’s name is Nirjhar Roy Choudhury.
  • He is the most loved member of my family.
  • He is 68 years old and he is the head of our family.
  • We all treat him with great respect and honour as he cares for us wholeheartedly.
  • My grandpa is a soft-spoken and kind-hearted person and always speaks gently to everyone.
  • He wears a pair of spectacles and loves reading newspapers, novels and magazines.
  • I love spending time with my grandfather when I return from school.
  • He reads out fairy tales and stories of kings, queens, princes, etc. to me before bedtime.
  • He gifted me a bicycle on my last birthday. He always encourages me to behave gently with everyone.
  • My grandpa is my inspiration and role model and I want to become a noble person like him when I grow up.

We ardently hope that the above written 10 lines on ‘My Grandfather’ essay in English for Class 2 students will encourage your little ones to pen down a few lines on this interesting topic. We have maintained simplicity in the structure of the above essay on ‘My Grandfather’ in English, so that children of Class 2 may find it easy to understand and grasp.

Writing essays brings forth the creative power of persons. They are able to express their feelings and thoughts on any particular topic. Kids have tender and fresh minds and by writing ‘My Grandfather’ Essay for school, they are able to boost their communication and writing skills. We have plenty more exciting topics for essays for Class 2 which you may want to explore for your kids.

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