Holi Essay in English 10 Lines for Class 3

Creative essay writing is one of the best practices for bringing forth an individual’s imaginary and artistic nature. Writing an essay on Holi aids them in learning the customs and traditions behind this festival and broadens their knowledge.

Holi essay in English for Class 3 explains the importance of celebrating this festival of colours. This colourful festival is celebrated across India in March. Kids enjoy playing in colours and shooting pichkaris filled with coloured water and water balloons. Writing a Holi festival essay is a great way to help kids understand the significance of celebrating and gatherings.

Refer to BYJU’S 10 lines on the Holi festival in English for Class 3 kids for drafting an essay on the topic creatively. This essay on Holi for kids helps them understand the importance of celebrating this festival.

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10 Lines About Holi Festival In English For Class 3 Kids

  • Holi is a festival of colours that is celebrated in India.
  • It is celebrated in March.
  • This colourful festival is celebrated in the spring season.
  • We usually wear white clothes on the day of Holi.
  • We play with bright colours like blue, green, pink, yellow etc.
  • My mother prepares delicious sweets, and we distribute them in our neighbourhood.
  • We play with different colours using water balloons and pichkaris.
  • Holi begins with burning the demoness Holika.
  • We collect wood and burn it and celebrate by dancing and singing around it.
  • Holi teaches us the victory of good over bad.

History of Holi – A Celebration of the Victory of Good Over Bad

Now let us understand the history of this festival of colours by reading ‘Holi essay in English’ and following the valuable message that mythology teaches us. Every Indian festival has a message that helps us be good and follow the righteous path in life. Festivals of India are a symbol of celebration, lights, colours, happiness, prosperity and peace. This short essay on Holi helps kids understand the importance of being good in life. The story goes as follows, Prahlad was a faithful devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad was the son of Hiranyakashyap, who was a demon king. Prahlad’s devotion to Lord Visnu was an issue for his father. Moreover, Hiranyakashyap tried killing his son several times and failed at it.

However, after several unsuccessful attempts, Hiranyakashyap planned to seek help from his sister Holika. Lord Brahma had blessed Holika with a boon saying, ‘fire wouldn’t burn her.’

Furthermore, Hiranyakashyap pleaded with his sister to take his son on her lap and set him on fire. On the contrary, Prahlad started chanting Lord Vishnu’s name and shlokas. Finally, Lord Vishnu saved little Prahlad from getting burnt in the fire, killing the demon king’s sister in flames.

Celebration of Holi – Paragraph on Holi for Class 3

BYJU’S Holi festival essay engages children in learning about the history and customs of celebrating this festival of colours. Holi is a two-day festival. It is celebrated with great joy in India and other countries. It is a colourful festival with people of all religions celebrating with joy. After burning the Holika idol, people gather and daub colours at each other. Holi is celebrated in the middle of the spring and summer seasons.

Following the day one celebrations, people celebrate Holi by playing with colours, singing, exchanging stories, dancing and enjoying homemade sweets. Indians are well acquainted with all our different festivals, and Holi is the most important festival. It is the festival where people celebrate with colours during the springtime.

The essay on Holi Festival in English is carefully curated to allow the little ones to learn the significance and method of celebration. Once kids have learned to write an essay on Holi for Class 3, ask them to write ‘essay on my favourite festival.’

In the above essay on Holi for kids, we have made a modest attempt to help young kids apply their minds while writing a similar topic. You can explore other Class 3 Essay topics here.

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Frequently Asked Questions on 10 Lines On Holi Festival In English For Class 3 Kids


When is Holi celebrated?

Holi is celebrated in March.


In which season is Holi celebrated?

Holi is celebrated in the spring season.


Why is BYJU’S essay on the Holi festival important for kids?

BYJU’S essay on the Holi festival is important for kids because it helps them understand the history and the celebration. Once the kids have finished referring to BYJU’S Holi essay, you can ask them to write a paragraph on Holi.


Who was Hiranyakashyap?

Hiranyakashyap was a demon king and the father of Lord Vishnu’s devotee, Prahlad.


What was the boon given by Lord Brahma to Holika?

Lord Brahma had blessed Holika with a boon saying, ‘fire wouldn’t burn her.’


What is the moral that kids get to learn from BYJU’S essay on Holi?

The moral kids learn from BYJU’S essay on Holi is, ‘a victory of good over bad.’