Enchanting Short Stories for Kids to Read and Enjoy

Stories for kids bring forth a lot of childhood memories for adults and mesmerize children’s imagination with fancy characters. Most people associate their childhood with listening to enchanting tales of kings, queens, princes, princesses and magical elements filled with awe and glory. When you try to remember the best times of your childhood, don’t you get reminded of the bedtime stories told by your grandparents? We all do! Why have stories been so special to us from the time we were kids? Because they take us into new worlds. Let’s discuss in detail about the most loved small stories for kids in English. 

Stories have been an integral part of our lives. In fact, not only of our lives but also a significant part of humanity. Since forever, humans have told stories to each other. These short stories for kids have been passed from one generation to another. Children stories are filled with fun and enjoyment. Small stories for kids are a way to teach them good habits and values.

Storytelling dates back to the times when even language had not taken birth on our planet. Children stories have even been told through pictures and expressions. The illustrations of animals and humans on the walls of caves drawn by early men are proof of such storytelling.

Fairy Tale StoriesMoral StoriesPanchatantra Stories in EnglishBedtime Stories

Stories are loved by people of all ages. Stories for kids play a major role in shaping their personalities. The children stories that they read or listen to and the characters of those stories impact their thinking a lot more than our expectations. Short stories for kids in English are crafted in order to instil moral values and lessons of good behaviour in kids. Below is a list of some of the best short stories for kids with pictures that we’re sure that your child would enjoy reading:

Panchatantra Stories in English

Most children stories significantly focus on teaching morals to kids. Panchatantra stories for kids are designed with the same motive. These are the oldest short moral stories for kids. These amazing small stories for kids in English from Panchatantra have reached an audience worldwide. To allure your kids with exciting stories, we provide you with our versions of some of the most famous and loved Panchatantra Stories for kids.

Bedtime Stories

English story for kids can be much more fruitful than we think. Listening to short stories for kids in English will refine linguistic skills in your kid and instill an interest in the language as well. Telling bedtime short stories for kids in English gives you quality time with your little one. We have lots of lovely children stories that will entice your little one.

Fairy Tales Stories

Fairy Tales stories are loved by kids. The world of fantasy attracts everyone. These children stories give them a chance to leap into a world full of possibilities and imagination. When kids listen to Fairy Tales, they start imagining the creatures of the story. They build their own versions of the fairies, pixies, nymphs, dragons, unicorns, etc. Thus, such short stories for kids in English can build better creativity in children. We have the most awesome fairy tales stories for your kid.

Moral Stories for Kids in English

Moral stories for children are those stories that convey moral values. Instilling morals in kids is a very crucial part of their upbringing. Usually, moral stories for kids impart underlying principles such as love, respect, honesty, virtues, etc. to their readers. Stories with morals are enjoyed and admired by people of all age groups. Short moral stories for kids fill kids with a better understanding of what is considered good and what is termed as bad. Here we offer you to explore some of the best moral stories of all time.

Akbar Birbal Stories

For generations, Akbar Birbal Stories have been enjoyed thoroughly by every kid. Akbar and Birbal Stories are a great combination of fun, wit, humour and moral values. These English stories for kids entertain, bring smiles and teach life lessons in effortless ways. Explore 10 All-Time Favourite Akbar Birbal Stories for kids in our Kids Learning section.

Funny Stories for Kids

Small Stories for Kids in English not only entertain kids but also adds to their overall development as a human. What can be better than telling kids stories which make them burst into laughter? We offer you a pool of such funny stories for your little bundle of joy.

What is the Importance of Children Stories?

We have already mentioned a couple of reasons behind telling short stories to kids in the above lines. 

Let’s jot down the benefits of telling small stories for kids in English:

  • To teach them moral values.
  • To acquaint them with culture and tradition.
  • To simply entertain them.
  • To engage them in an activity that imparts learning as well.
  • To refine their knowledge of the language.
  • To let them feel the characters’ emotions.
  • To build a reading habit.
  • To enhance their vocabulary.
  • To make them active listeners.
  • To improve their concentration.
  • To spark imagination in them.
  • To develop a conscience in them.
  • To boost their emotional intelligence.
  • To establish a close bond with them.
  • To hone their memories.

English stories for children let the children connect to the characters and thus enable them to feel their emotions. As kids take interest in listening to children stories, they remember the plots, characters, morals and words used in them. These very short stories for kids in English refine their memorization skills too. 

Any small children story not only entices kids but is also loved by adults. In their leisure time, many youngsters and adults read short stories for kids in English and reminisce about their childhood. 

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