Amazing GK Questions for Class 1 Kids

Here we bring to you an interesting compilation of GK Questions for Class 1. These GK questions for 1st Class cover a wide range of areas such as animals, plants, birds, parts of the human body, means of transport, etc. Solving these GK questions for kids will not only strengthen students’ general awareness but also build up their vocabulary. 

Class 1 is a crucial stage for students as they have just stepped into the school. They are unaware of their surroundings and have minimal knowledge about it. So, learning basic general awareness will enhance their knowledge and current affairs for Class 1.

The GK for Class 1 questions will improve students’ current affairs. The questions in the worksheets are provided on different topics such as about myself, parts of body, plants, birds, animals etc. 

To access GK questions for 1st standard, you can click on the links given below. On visiting the pages, students will find the GK questions for Class 1 with answers in PDF format for offline studies as well. The General Knowledge quiz for kids have been designed to help students stay updated about the important things around them which they use on a day-to-day basis.

Resources: GK Questions for Class 1

Listed below are some links of some simple GK questions for Class 1 kids comprising a diverse variety of topics. The topics consists of GK questions for Class 1 with answers:

You can also download GK questions for Class 1 PDFs for free by checking out the above respective links.

Benefits of Solving the Quiz Questions for Class 1

Here we have listed a few benefits of solving CBSE GK Questions for Class 1:

  • It opens up a whole new world for students which helps in their growth.
  • They will learn new words related to the topics.
  • They will become more curious and excited to learn new things.
  • They will start asking questions and express their thoughts in front of others.
  • They become aware of their surroundings and the latest happenings around the world.

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At BYJU’S, our team of experts design Class 1 GK questions for kids keeping in mind the intellectual and understanding level of the students. These general CBSE GK Questions for Class 1 kids are a fun way of making students fall in love with learning. They are not forced to study by following the rote learning method; instead, they are made to explore various topics. When students observe or do things, they understand them in a better way. Then, there is no need to memorise the topics.

For more information about other awesome resources such as worksheets, GK questions, fun trivia questions, NCERT Solutions, essays, poems, stories for kids, etc. you can check out our Kids Learning section and make learning a fun-filled experience for your child.


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