Class 2 English

Over the years, English has built up its place as the most powerful language of the world. Being one of the topmost spoken languages in the world, a good understanding of the English language is a must. That’s the reason why English is taught to kids from their tender age. As much importance is given to Maths or Science, an equal weightage is reserved for their linguistic skill development.

Class 2 English is quite easy and simple to understand. The lessons in CBSE class 2 English are more inclined towards teaching basic reading, writing, speaking skills as well as imparting moral values to the kids. Std 2 English does not contain very high-level English, which is obvious given the tender age of kids who are supposed to go through it.

Resources for Class 2 English

Worksheets are proven best resources for teaching kids of primary classes.

Here are the resources that we provide for your little one:

Class 2 English Worksheets

Through their exciting collection of puzzles in the form of pictures, crosswords, word-scrambles, fill-ups, matching exercises, etc., class 2 English worksheets will definitely prove to be a boon to your little one. Children love solving these worksheets and remember what they learn for a longer duration.

Spoken English is also considered to be a major area of concern in class 2. Speaking a language fluently doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build up a good vocabulary and perfect pronunciations. So, teaching spoken English to kids is focussed greatly in the primary classes. Spoken English is much more required today than ever. English is a common language that connects students/people from varied backgrounds. For kids, learning English is a must to interact with their teachers, students, relatives, neighbours, etc.

Kids go through a huge transition during their first few years at school- from the play and fun of kindergarten into the world of competition and extensive learning. In order to keep them motivated towards learning, it is important that parents pay the required attention to their kids’ education. Depending completely on the school is not a great idea anymore. Continuous learning can only be achieved by learning and practising at home as well. That being said, if learning is not made entertaining and engaging enough, kids might feel burdened and might even want to escape from studies! Don’t worry, we are here to share your load. We’re providing the best and most interesting kids learning resources and methods to teach your little one and make learning a fun experience for your child.

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