Easy Trivia Questions For Kids

Puzzle questions for kids are designed with the intent to encourage and educate young learners in a fun way. Kids are always curious about learning new things. One of the best things about interesting questions for kids are it provides ample scope of learning to them. Our brain-tickling questions for kids along with answers are available for easy download which kids can refer to offline later. The quiz questions and answers are provided on separate sheets which make it easier and simpler for kids to understand and have an enjoyable learning experience. All the kids need to do is click on the desired topic question and begin answering the questions to test their knowledge and awareness about the respective subject.

Maths Questions For Kids With Answers

Mathematics is a very important subject in school education. Practising Maths at the elementary level helps to educate kids about various arithmetical and mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, sums, counting numbers and timetables. This helps in keeping their minds active. Maths questions for kids include easy, intermediate and advanced level depending upon the class in which they are studying in. Here are some of the important Maths questions with answers which are available for download in PDF format.

English Grammar Questions For Kids With Answers

It is of the utmost importance that children should have fun whilst learning new things. Our English Grammar questions for kids are designed so that kids have an entertaining and interesting experience about the subject. Some of the simple questions for kids include finding the difference between singular and plural tense, choosing the right adjective for referring to any person or thing. The grammar tests mainly include kids quiz questions for checking their knowledge about the various parts of speech. The English curriculum also includes interesting poems and stories for kids. Here are some of the important English questions for kids with answers which are available for download in PDF format.

Computer Basics Questions for Kids Aged 5 – 9 Years

With the onset of digitization, it is essential for kids to have some knowledge about basic questions about the computer, so that they learn its usage in their day-to-day lives. The computer basics questions include computer awareness and simple questions on the computer.Some questions on computer basics include knowledge about the history of computers, computer devices abbreviations, operating systems, hardware and software, input and output devices of a computer and lots more.

Here, we bring you some computer basic questions and answers for kids aged 5 to 9 years to test and upgrade their knowledge about the essence of computers and their usage:

Our range of funny questions for kids is suitable for boys and girls at the elementary level. The logical questions for kids are appropriate for children to prepare them for quiz competition and class tests. These questions and answers for kids help in improving their knowledge about important subjects like Maths and English Grammar. Our trick questions for kids, therefore, help in educating children with important educational facts to boost their knowledge and confidence in a fun and entertaining way.

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