Questions on Vowels and Consonants for Kids

Vowels and Consonants seem very easy to understand and simple to remember. In the simplest categorization, English has 26 alphabets. Out of these, 5 are vowels and the rest 21 are consonants. The 5 vowels include a, e, i, o and u. A vowel sound is produced by a free flow of breath out of the mouth. A consonant sound is produced by blocking air which is flowing out of the mouth. A proper understanding of Vowels and Consonants plays a crucial role in building good speaking skills in kids. Also, it is a must for parents to pay the required attention to their kid’s learning.

Vowels and consonants play an integral part in English grammar, and thus, kids need to answer the vowels and consonants questions regularly. When you engage the little learners in answering these questions, they eventually improve their vocabulary and communication skills. Moreover, it improves their writing and reading abilities.

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Below are some multiple-choice questions on Vowels and Consonants for kids.

  1. How many vowels are there in the English alphabet?
    (a). 4
    (b). 5
    (c). 9
  2. How many vowels are there in the given word: Cheerful
    (a). 4
    (b). 5
    (c). 3
  3. The consonants in the word “undo” are:
    (a). u, o
    (b). n, o
    (c). n, d
  4. How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?
    (a). 21
    (b). 26
    (c). 5
  5. Find the odd one out: u, x, t, d, f
    (a). d
    (b). f
    (c). u
  6. Find the odd one out: a, w, i, u, e
    (a). e
    (b). w
    (c). a
  7. Which among the following words in the options starts with a vowel?
    (a). Rabbit
    (b). Lion
    (c). Icecream
  8. Count the total number of consonants present in the word: Mississippi
    (a). 7
    (b). 6
    (c). 4
  9. List out the consonants in the word: Education
    (a). d, c, u, n
    (b). d, c, t, n
    (c). d, c, t
  10. Select the vowel from the given options.
    (a). n
    (b). u
    (c). t

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1.(b) 2.(c) 3.(c) 4.(a) 5.(c)
6.(b) 7.(c) 8.(a) 9.(b) 10.(b)

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