Challenging Preposition Questions for Kids

Words in English have been categorized into 8 main types, called Parts of Speech. “Preposition” is one of those. Here we bring to you some brain-tickling Preposition Questions for your kid.

Without having a good understanding of Parts of Speech, no one can have superior writing skills. That’s the reason why kids are introduced to the various parts of speech in their formative years. Kids education is something that concerns parents the most during this phase. The preposition definition for kids is given below to help them understand what does it signify.

“A Preposition is a word that links nouns, pronouns or phrases to each other in a sentence. These words establish a connection between objects, people, time and place in a sentence.” 

Given below is a preposition practice test, which has some Preposition questions with answers. Kids can practice these questions to understand which of the following is a preposition. The preposition examples for kids have been listed below in the form of questions as listed below. You can download these Preposition questions and answers PDF through the link given below.

Download Preposition Questions and Answers PDF for Kids

Here are a few preposition practice questions for kids to check their knowledge about this part of speech:


1. Identify the Preposition in the following sentences and write it in the blank provided next to the sentence:

i. The pen is in the bag. _______

ii. The cat is sitting under the table. _______

iii. The bus has to go through a tunnel. _______

iv. She was standing behind the door. _______

v. There is a beautiful design on the curtain. _______


2. Select the option which identifies the Preposition in the sentence:

i. He threw the phone on the bed.

(a). Threw

(b). Bed

(c). On

ii. I am walking along the river bank.

(a). Along

(b). River

(c). Walking

iii. Some boys were punished for throwing stones on the dog.

(a). Throwing

(b). Punished

(c). On

iv. Kshama sits beside Aastha.

(a). Beside

(b). Kshama

(c). Sits

v. The fish in the aquarium looks so colourful.

(a). Looks

(b). In

(c). Colourful


Those were some important preposition questions with answers. Want your kid to solve more of such interesting questions on other topics too? For more awesome resources on noun, verb, preposition for kids worksheets, you can access a huge collection by exploring the BYJU’S website and make learning fun for your little one.


Ans 1. i. in ii. under iii. through iv. behind v. on
Ans 2. i. (c) ii. (a) iii. (c) iv. (a) v. (b)

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