Class 1 English

English is a very important language in the life of every student. It plays a key role for everyone around the globe and is considered an international language. This is the medium through which the students communicate, convey and interact their thoughts to their teachers and friends at school.

Learning a new language is always a good idea. English is one such language which helps your child to communicate easily with new people and understand their views and mindset. In fact, English is a good medium to learn, interact, entertain and socialise with other people.

Class 1 English is an easy and simple subject to learn. The 1st Class English subject includes chapters which are very simple in nature. It is designed keeping in mind the capacity of young students who have just stepped into the school.

At a very young age, students meet new people in their respective schools in the form of friends and teachers with whom they need to interact and convey their thoughts and views. The 1st standard English helps the students to be in a better position to interact with more people and understand their viewpoints.

Class 1 English Resources:

English Worksheet for Class 1:

English Worksheets is a way of mixing fun and learning in a single element by providing them with assignments like easy puzzles, colouring pictures in alphabetical order, cursive writing sessions, etc.

Why should students study Class 1 English from BYJU’S?

As a parent, do you want your child to be prepared for Class 1 English and know everything that it comprises? In that case, you should teach your little ones to learn the basics of the English language at the elementary level which can prepare them for higher challenges.

Meanwhile, you can also download the Disney BYJU’S Early Learn app wherein there are various quizzes, puzzles and questions which make it easier for children to grasp knowledge in a simple and fun way. At BYJU’S, we’re providing basic English lessons on CBSE Class 1 English. So without wasting any time, enrol your child for the learning program and watch him/her grow into a witty and intelligent individual.