10 CBSE English Poems for Class 2

CBSE English poems for Class 2 are definitely very exciting to read and recite. Kids love reading English poems. Children are always encouraged to take part in English poems recitation competition. The richness of any language is defined by the enormity of its literature. 

English is considered rich because it contains a huge array of written works in its collection. These written works include long and short poems for kids and adults, plays, novels, etc. Here, we will be discussing English Rhymes for Class 2 kids– its importance, constituents, and 10 CBSE Class 2 English poems which are included in the CBSE English curriculum

English recitation for kids in primary classes helps in a child’s linguistic, emotional, analytical and mental development. You will be amazed to see what benefits English poems for children might have. There are some nature poems for kids and some animals poems for kids in Class 2 which young minds would definitely love to explore. Let’s have a look at the reasons why poems are taught to kids beginning from their formative years of learning.

Importance of CBSE Class 2 English Poems

Given below are some of the important reasons to read English rhymes for 2nd standard:

  • Poems present deep emotions and heavy meanings very concisely and simply.
  • They tend to put the readers into deep thought by merely a few words and a few lines.
  • The presence of poems makes literature even more vivid.
  • Poetry stirs the reader’s ideas, emotions and imaginations in ways no other piece of literature can.

Given below is the list of resources we provide on CBSE Class 2 English poems

Resources for Kids: Poems for Class 2

You can find lots of English recitation for kids of Class 2 in PDF format here. Here’s the list which is a combination of nature poems for kids, animal poem for kids, and various other topics:

About English Recitation for Class 2

English rhymes for kids of Class 2 are written in an easy to understand language. English poems for children of Class 2 are crafted to impart humour, interest and/or values to kids. English recitation poems for Class 2 cover a large variety of topics- people, behaviours, emotions, plants, animals, water, natural processes, and such others.

We have enjoyed reciting poems in our childhood, haven’t we? Almost all the Standard 2 English Poems have a rhyme scheme. This lets the kids enjoy the recitation of English Poem for Class 2 even more! 

In English poem for Class 2 kids, they are taught how to vocalize the poem, which words to stress upon and where to give pauses in between the words. That’s how English rhymes for kids build finer speaking skills. 

Poem recitation for Class 2 refines kids’ writing skills too. The more they read poems, the more words and phrases they imbibe. English recitation poems for kids will help them add words to their vocabulary. In a nutshell, poems improve reading, writing, speaking and discerning skills in kids.

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