First Day at School Poem

Poems are always fun regardless of which language they belong to. They breathe life into an otherwise ordinary set of words. They make the language more lively. We have a bunch of poems for Class 2 kids. Here we are going to focus on First Day at School Poem Class 2. 

The title of the poem itself takes us down memory lane, doesn’t it? All of us have felt that anxiety and excitement on our first days of school. Given below is the poem and summary of the poem. You can also download the poem for Class 2 kids in the PDF format given below.

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First Day At School Poem

First Day at School Class 2 – Poem Summary

The first day of school is a day of major anxiety for the kid as well as the parents. The kid is surrounded by a lot of questions- how he/she looks, whether he/she will make good friends there at school, how the teacher will be, etc. 

In this Class 2 poem too, the poet Aileen Fisher has brought out the same emotions. The narrator of the poem is a kid who is wondering how his first day of school will be. He/She is thinking about whether or not his/her drawing will be as good as the fellow classmates, whether or not they’ll like him/her. 

The purity of a kid’s mind is also evident in the line where he/she wonders if the teacher’s face will look like his/her mom or grandmother. It shows how close the kid is to his/her mom and gran and how he/she thinks of the teacher (a stranger as of now) to be similar to his/her close family members. 

In the final lines of the poem, the kid wonders if his/her dog will miss him at home. 

The poem beautifully amalgamates kid’s pain of coming out of the comfort zone and anxiety of stepping into a new world. 

That was “First Day at School” poem by Aileen Fisher. We can see the rhyming words in the poem- theirs-stares, gran-am. For more of such exciting poems for your kid, you may want to explore English Poems for Class 2 kids here.

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