Strange Talk Poem

The world of animals fascinates kids. It has so much to explore and learn. When kids are around animals, they learn kindness, they tend to socialize better and they understand the importance of empathy for others. Children don’t look out for distinguishing features between humans and animals. Kids tend to perceive animals as similar to humans- something they can interact with. They enjoy being around them, talking about and reading about animals. Given below is a poem- Strange Talk, which is based on the animal world. It is one of the poems in CBSE English Poems for Class 2 Kids. Have a read and find the summary of the poem as well. You can also download the poem in pdf format here.

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Strange Talk Poem 1

Strange Talk Poem 2

Strange Talk – Poem Summary

The poem Strange Talk by L.E.Yates comprises 20 short lines. It has a lot of onomatopoeic words such as Croak, Wee, Quack, Bow-wow. The narrator recreates the poem in the form of a story. The narrator says that there was a frog who used to live under a log, a duck who lived by the waterside, a pig who lived in a sty and three pups who lived in a kennel.

The poem imparts information to kids about animals (frog, duck, pig and pups), their habitat (under a log, waterside, sty and kennel) and their sounds (croak-croak, wee-wee, quack-quack and bow-wow). In the concluding lines of the poem, the narrator wonders if animals spoke as much as the kids do and if they did so at once, wouldn’t it create a lot of noise?


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