I am Lucky Poem Class 2

A sense of self-worth is a very crucial quality that all of us should develop and maintain. It fills us with confidence and lets us take better decisions. Given I am Lucky poem for Class 2 is an amazing children rhyme that highlights the importance of self-esteem and gratitude.

I am Lucky Poem Class 2 is an interesting poem in the CBSE English curriculum where the kid feels lucky to be what he/she is. This poem focuses on self-worth. Given below is I am Lucky poem summary. You can also download the poem in a colourful pdf format and let your kid learn it anytime, anywhere. 

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I am Lucky Poem Summary

The poem I am Lucky has 25 short lines. Here the narrator, a kid, is expressing his/her happiness to be what he/she is. The kid tells that he/she would have been thankful even if he/she were a butterfly because it has wings, or a myna because it can sing, or even a fish in the sea because in can giggle with delight.

The kid goes on to say that he/she would have been happy and thankful even if he/she were an elephant because it can raise its trunk, or a kangaroo because it can hop high, or even an octopus because it has 8 arms. 

Just like everything has a unique characteristic, the kid is special too. He/she feels lucky to be just that. He/She doesn’t want to be anything or anyone else, but himself/herself. 

The poem builds upon the idea of self-worth in kids. Self-worth is very important for every human being. It makes you feel more confident. 

Poems are cherished by one and all. They put forth a better way to express yourself. Class 2 poems are based on the thought process of kids of Class 2 in general. We find topics related to school, emotions, birds, animals, etc. English Poem for Class 2 covers a huge variety of genres with exciting lines and good moral values. Click on the linked article to explore other children rhymes for standard 2. 

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