EVS for Class 1

EVS or Environmental Studies is one of the most important subjects taught in primary classes.

This subject assists children to understand how things work and how to interact with their surroundings. In the curriculum of EVS for class 1 CBSE, children are taught about their environment from the very scratch so that it is simple to understand. Eventually, they will start developing their own insights about the relationship between various things around them.

EVS as a subject is equally important as English or Maths. In fact, even more! Unless children know what the things present around them are, they won’t be able to interact with it properly. In EVS subject for class 1, children get to learn about things ranging from their immediate environment (plants, animals, air, water, soil, food, human body parts, clothes etc.) to their wider environment (neighbourhood, school, etc.). Learning these, kids develop awareness about their natural, social and cultural environment. So,

To develop an interest in knowing their environment, children have to be given an entertaining introduction to their environment. Once they develop an interest in it, they will ask questions, investigate, try to connect the dots and develop their insights into the environment. Thus, it assists in making children informed and concerned part of society.

1st Standard EVS Resource for kids

Obviously young students can’t be expected to sit and listen to lectures or lessons for hours. They always need things which engages them. Through years of experiments and experience, we know that worksheets work the best for young minds.

Think of what your child will find interesting to solve and we have all of it in our worksheets! We have lots of interesting puzzles, colourful pictures and activities inside these worksheets of EVS for class 1 kids. They have been designed by our experts to give your child the best of education through the simplest way possible.

Why choose BYJU’S for your kid?

As a parent, you would always choose the best for your child. The major development of a child occurs during his/her early years in education. Children get to know so many things in their primary classes that they might feel over-burdened and begin having a tendency to escape from studies. It’s a must that they find their learning interesting enough.

And learning with BYJU’S is always fun. Kids need motivation for learning and that’s what our super interesting content provides. You will watch your child learn and grow exponentially. The engaging environmental studies class 1 worksheets provided by us are meticulously designed by our subject-matter experts to deliver learning in the most interesting and fun way.

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