All about Class 3 EVS

Here we are going to talk in detail about Class 3 EVS. Our environment is the first thing that we come across when we are born. It plays a huge role in our lives. Although we keep learning about it as we grow up, an extrinsic push on kids to know their surroundings is very crucial. That’s how they will learn faster and become more aware.

Class 3 is a very crucial stage of a student in the primary classes. We will see what are the resources, you as a parent, might need to guide your little one through the subject EVS as well as why EVS, or Environmental Studies is taught to kids in their formative years of learning.

Class 3 EVS Resources:

We are here to offer you the best of learning resources for Class 3 EVS. We have everything that you might be looking out for in order to guide your little one in learning this subject. We have the syllabus, NCERT solutions, worksheets and sample papers. Once you are here, you can just scroll and click and find all the information about EVS Class 3.

  • Class 3 EVS Syllabus
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS
  • Class 3 EVS Worksheets
  • Sample Papers for Class 3 EVS

Here are the detailed descriptions and links to our respective resources:

Class 3 EVS Syllabus:

A syllabus is basically a tool for course-planning. The syllabus of every subject is laid out in order to understand what gets covered in that subject in that duration. Why is it important to kids? Because they will have a clearer picture of what exactly they are going to learn in the subject. We are here to give you a detailed syllabus for Class 3 EVS. This will help you in guiding your kid in planning the time for exam preparation.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS:

The next thing we search for, after the syllabus, is the solution to each and every question of the textbook. You can rely on us for that as well, as we give you the most authentic, accurate and elaborate NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS. All these solutions are prepared by our team of subject-matter experts who follow the answer pattern of CBSE. The language is kept as simple as possible so that kids find it easy to grasp.

Class 3 EVS Worksheets:

Learning and practising the questions in the textbook is great. But, how do we know if we are thorough enough with the topic? By solving more and more questions, right. We have best-in-class EVS worksheets for kids on different topics. These worksheets have been designed in such a way that they are attractive to the eyes and intricate to the brain. We understand that kids have short attention spans and that’s why we build worksheets that are full of colours and images. This makes children more willing to solve them.

Sample Papers for Class 3 EVS:

We can assess our comprehension of any topic/subject by solving and practising questions. To help your little one with that, we offer a diverse range of sample papers for Class 3 EVS. The pattern of the question paper is designed, as per the ongoing pattern of CBSE question papers. These sample papers will definitely help your kid in being all-ready for the exam season!

Other Resources for Class 3 Kids

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Why learn EVS?

The basic aim of teaching EVS to kids from their early age is to make them aware about the things in and around their immediate environment- their family, clothes, plants, animals, water, home/shelter, food, etc. Kids of today will be the adults of tomorrow, so they must be aware of what they should do and not do in order to protect their environment. Learning about their surroundings will predominantly help them develop habits that will not harm their environment.

Equipped with all these exciting learning resources, we are sure that your kid will excel in studies. If you wish to look for such amazing learning materials for other classes as well, you can visit our kids learning section and find brain-tickling worksheets, easy trivia questions, GK questions, stories, poems, essays, etc.