GK For Class 1

General knowledge encompasses a significant aspect of human life. General knowledge is the general awareness of current affairs, daily events and activities happening around us. Lack of general knowledge can actually restrain your interaction with others. It is, therefore, essential that you should upgrade your knowledge of various topics through social interaction and be open to grasp new learning from others.

General Knowledge is an important subject of Class 1 syllabus. GK for class 1 imparts the basic learning about current affairs for class 1 kids and enhances their knowledge about daily activities. General knowledge for class 1 inadvertently helps in shaping your kid’s overall personality, improves the awareness of his or her surroundings, and also helps to build interaction with other kids or school mates and boosts the overall confidence of your child.

GK for class 1 helps your child to learn a multitude of things and become smarter and active in terms of social interaction with other kids. The chapters in general knowledge for class 1 include a wide range of topics such as plants, animals, birds, means of transport, human body parts, etc.

Being an alluring subject, your child’s common sense improves and he/she is in a better position to understand and analyse the situation around him/her and respond in a proactive manner. The GK for 1st standard is structured in a very simple manner so that the little minds can absorb more learning and be aware of their surroundings and create more opportunities for themselves and improve their knowledge.

Class 1 GK Resource for kids:

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GK Questions for Class 1:

GK Questions are designed in such a way that they open up new avenues of knowledge for class 1 kids and help in his or her growth, boost the overall confidence and arouse his or her curiosity to learn new things. Here, kids can take up GK quiz for class 1 as a fun exercise to upgrade their knowledge.

Why should students study Class 1 GK from BYJU’S?

Students of Class 1 are in their initial years of childhood. At this time they can be easily moulded in any shape. Every parent wants his or her child to get the best education. For this, they must make their child learn in a simple and fun way. The curiosity for learning should come from the child. Children should not consider studies as a burden or pressure on them. We at BYJU’S ensure the same by providing the General Knowledge questions in the form of games and GK quiz for class 1. We ensure that the kids acquire an interest in studies and playfully learn new topics.

Soon we will come up with more GK questions on other categories as well. Till then keep learning and solving these questions. You can also download Disney BYJU’S Early Learn App for Class 1 to 3 and get interactive videos and solve questions in a fun-filled way.

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