Rain Poem For Class 2

Poems are one of the most concise pieces of literature. Just a few words in every line and all the lines beautifully interlink with each other- poems truly do wonders! There’s so much to analyze, to feel and to enjoy in poems. 

Given below here is English Rain poem for Class 2 CBSE students. You can have a read of it and find the summary of the poem as well. You can also download the poem in a colourful PDF format.

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Rain Poem

Rain Poem Summary:

The short English Poem on Rain for Class 2 by Robert Louis Stevenson is just 4 lines long. The poem briefly describes the rain all around- on the fields, on the trees, on the umbrellas and on the ships at sea. It is a very simple poem and uses quite an undecorative language. This makes it perfect for young minds. 

Kids have less developed verbal skills. Simple poems can be easily understood by them. Poems on nature always allure kids. “Rain” is also one such poem for Class 2 kids. This poem is enlisted in the CBSE English curriculum. For more interesting English poems for Class 2, keep an eye at our website.

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