Interesting Noun Questions for Kids

English comprises 8 parts of speech and “Noun” is the very first part of speech we learn about as kids. A noun is a word that identifies or names a person, place, thing or idea. Kids learning comprises extensive mental, physical and social transition. Parents need to be very attentive to their kids during this phase. Here we have some practice Noun Questions for your little one.

Nouns are of several types- Common nouns, Proper nouns, Concrete nouns, Abstract nouns, Collective nouns, Countable and Uncountable nouns. For kids, it is important to be able to identify which part of a sentence is a noun.

You can find below multiple-choice questions on nouns with answers to solve here.

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  1. Identify the noun in the following sentences and write it in the blank provided next to the sentence:

i. Birds are flying. _______

ii. I have an umbrella. _______

iii. This flower is red. _______

iv. Amish is tall. _______

v. Close the window. _______

  1. Select the option which identifies the noun in the sentence:

i. Raghav is going for a walk.

(a). Raghav

(b). Going

(c). For

ii. Shraddha is a brilliant student.

(a). Brilliant

(b). Is

(c). Student

iii. This garden is full of beautiful flowers.

(a). This

(b). Beautiful

(c). Garden

iv. James, have you met your new colleague?

(a). Met

(b). Colleague

(c). New

v. Look at the colourful rainbow.

(a). At

(b). Rainbow

(c). Colourful

Above were a few Noun Questions and Answers. Solving these questions will build confidence in your kid. Also, it will boost-up his/her grammatical skills. 

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Ans 1. i. Birds ii. Umbrella iii. Flower iv. Amish v. Window
Ans 2. i. (a) ii. (c) iii. (c) iv. (b) v. (b)

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