Verb Questions and Answers for Kids

Parts of speech builds the foundation for English grammar. There are overall 8 parts of speech in English grammar. A verb is also a part of speech. Sound knowledge of the parts of speech is very important in creating a good foundation for kids’ education.

No sentence in English can be built without a verb in it. Kids need to understand that every action and state of being is a verb. Therefore, verbs play a crucial role in sentence construction. 

Verbs can be broadly categorized into action verbs and helping verbs. Action verbs are again divided into two sub-categories: transitive verbs and intransitive verbs. Modal verbs are those helping verbs which express necessity or possibility. Solving verb questions will enhance the understanding of verbs in kids.

Providing kids with verb exercises with answers is one of the best ways to improve their English Grammar. A stronghold on the English language plays a vital role in enhancing a child’s communication skills, reading comprehension, listening and writing skills. Moreover, children learn the proper usage of verbs when they practise verb questions and answers pdf.

Here are some practice verb questions and answers:

Download Verb Questions and Answers for Kids

  1. Identify the verb in the following sentences and write it in the blank provided next to the sentence:

i. The Fish swims in the water. _______

ii. She is so pretty. _______

iii. Leaves fell from the tree. _______

iv. Radhika went to the market. _______

v. Please iron your shirt. _______

2. Select the option which identifies the verb in the sentence:

i. There are books on the shelf.

(a). Books

(b). Are

(c). Shelf

ii. Turn to your right.

(a). Turn

(b). Right

(c). Your

iii. Kids are playing cricket in the garden.

(a). Cricket

(b). Playing

(c). Kids

iv. Please refer to page 36 of your book.

(a). Book

(b). Please

(c). Refer

v. Always obey your elders.

(a). Elders

(b). Obey

(c). Always

So, those were a couple of questions on verbs for your kids to solve. Identification of various parts of speech is very crucial in laying a good foundation for English Grammar.

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Ans 1. i. swims ii. is iii. fell iv. went v. iron
Ans 2. i. (b) ii. (a) iii. (b) iv. (c) v. (b)

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